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Abrams: Deleted Scenes Clarify

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At a press conference last week, the topic of discussion for J.J. Abrams was Star Trek XI.

Abrams’ remarks are now available in a six-part video series posted online, where he talks about everything from pre-production, to deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes work on Star Trek XI.

Regarding a controversial scene, where Kirk and Spock meet up in the ice cave,  Abrams explains how this meet-up makes sense after all. “There are elements in the special features and deleted scenes that address the storylines, the logic of it,” said Abrams. “For example, one of the things that people had issues with was ‘Oh COME on. Kirk is going to run into an ice cave and he’s going to run into Spock like that? That is the dumbest thing ever and…unlikely.’ But, there in the scene, they’re in the cave and there was a sequence that was cut from the movie where Spock speaks to that and he talks about how this is sort of the timeline’s way of trying to repair itself and it’s as much about fate as anything.”

“Alex and Bob…made it [the film] about inevitability,” said Abrams. “They made it about how Kirk and Spock…the movie is about this family that nothing will keep apart and it’s about that kind of friendship that will endure anything. So there was a kind of genius in taking the most unlikely moment, a coincidence that I would never in a million years buy and hang a huge lantern on it and say that is fate. And you just kind of go ‘fine.’ …it really didn’t need to be explained away.”

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