April 21 2024


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Star Trek D-A-C Update

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A new single player type will be offered for the Star Trek D-A-C game.

Star Trek D-A-C has three pre-existing multiplayer game types; Team Deathmatch, Conquest and Assault, but now single players will be able to use the new Survival Mode.

Using Survival Mode, Starfleet captains will choose between four ships. Their goal is to get through four rounds with five different zones each, shooting down as many Romulan enemy drones as they can before their three lives end.

Destroying a Romulan drone will earn the player special pick-ups that help them to win more lives and to move up the Starfleet ranks and leader boards.

There will be three types of Romulan drone ships, controlled by AIs: Space Pirate, a quick and nimble flyer that offers the most reward for shooting it down; a Ramming Drone, an offensive fighter that uses kamikaze attacks against Federation ships; the Demolition Drone, a slower model that uses explosions to destroy everything around it.

Two new features are also offered in Survivor Mode: Temporal Shift, where everything slows down except for the player; Fire Everything, where all one’s weapons can be fired without energy stores depletion.

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