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Top Fifty Blogs For Trekkies

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Unlike in the old days of Star Trek fandom, finding gatherings of like-minded fans as well as news sites are easy, courtesy of the Internet.

One fan has sorted through the entries and has come up with the top fifty blogs for Star Trek fans, sorted by eight different categories.

The eight categories include: Top Blogs for Trekkies By an Insider, Top Blogs for Trekkies by A Fan, Top News Blogs for Trekkies, Top News Blogs for Trekkies, Top Blogs for Trekkies by Experts, Top Sites for Trekkies, Top Fun Sites for Trekkies and Top Specialty Blogs for Trekkies.

Wil Wheaton‘s WWDN: In Exile leads the Top Blogs for Trekkies By An Insider, followed by WilliamShatner.com and LeVar Burton‘s site, although in the case of the latter, fans are told that Burton is more prone to sending Tweets than to updating the blog.

Some blogs are made for fans by fans in the Top Blogs for Trekkies by a Fan. Leading the category is My Star Trek Scrapbook, created by a fan who began following Star Trek in 1971. The Star Trek Sci-Fi Blog takes a look at the science behind Star Trek, including a recent entry which featured the “top ten technobabbles.”

TrekToday is included in the next category, Top News Blogs for Trekkies, coming in at the third position, behind the official site, StarTrek.com, and Star Trek Fansite.

Top Sci-Fi Blogs for Trekkies includes TrekWeb, The Website at the End of the Universe and Sci-Fi Wire, listed as “must visit” site for any science fiction fan.

Star Trek Magazine leads the Top Blogs for Trekkies by Experts. Analog and the NASA blogs are also included on the six-item list.

In the Top Sites for Trekkies, TrekBBS comes in at number three in the category. “If you are ready to talk with other Trekkies, check out this community. It contains thousands of threads, with hundreds of thousands of posts. Sections include Main Bridge, Engineering, Promenade, and more.”

Also included in this category are Star Trek: Phase II, Star Trek Intelligence, Trek Fan Fiction, Star Trek Uniform Guide and Star Wreck, a parody site.

The Top Fun Sites for Trekkies includes the Klingon Encyclopedia for Klingon-wannabes, and the Guide to Animated Trek, coming in at number one and number three in the category respectively.

Finally, the Top Specialty Blogs for Trekkies focus on a particular area or theme of Trek. The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction blog gives the latest information on various costumes, props and more. In addition, fan interested in a particular piece of Star Trek memorabilia can find out where and for how much it sold when auctioned.

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