April 18 2024


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Star Trek Online: Meeting Old Friends

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Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich revealed in a new video interview that players may run into familiar names and faces while playing Star Trek: Online.

Even though Star Trek: Online is set in the future from the time-frame most familiar to Star Trek fans, it will still be possible to reconnect with famous personalities from the past. “In the future, most of the characters that you know and love from the series, from the shows, maybe they’ve died, passed, moved on,” said Zinkievich, “but obviously it wouldn’t be a Star Trek game without time-travel so you may run into some of them in the past.”


In Star Trek: Online, the Klingon Empire and the Federation are at war. Players will choose to either join the Klingon Defense Force or else join Starfleet. No matter which side they join, the game will have the familiarity of an aired episode. “I think the big thing that sets Star Trek Online apart from other MMOs that’re out there is really the episode structure,” said Zinkievich. “We want to make it feel like you’re playing in one of the movies, playing in one of the TV shows, so you’re constantly moving back and forth between space and ground.”

You’re going to be doing ten to fifteen minutes of space combat…and they’re you’re going to beam down with an away team,” said Zinkievich. “I think going back and forth throughout the story is going to be one of the big things that sets Star Trek Online apart.”

The first three minutes of the video at the Electric Playground website contain the interview with Zinkievich.

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