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Star Trek: Phase II Origins Prequel Story

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According to TrekMovie.com, Star Trek: Phase II, the fan-film series, is in pre-production on Origins, a prequel story featuring a young James T. Kirk.

Star Trek XI told the origins story of the Enterprise crew, now Phase II will take a turn at exploring the early career of James T. Kirk, including the first meeting of Kirk and his logical future First Officer Mr. Spock.

PhaseIIOrigins020910Star Trek: Phase II‘s Executive Producer James Cawley explained that there is a reason that this story seems similar to Star Trek XI. Cawley, who had a bit role in the Abrams prequel, wants to tell the story of how Kirk met Spock from the Phase II perspective. “We are honoring the J.J. Abrams movie,” said Cawley, “but this is a different look at what could have been. This is the prime timeline.” Star Trek XI was set in an alternate timeline, courtesy of Nero’s actions.

Origins, written by David Gerrold (The Trouble With Tribbles) will feature elements that fans of the original series will recognize: Kirk’s Starfleet Academy classmate Finnegan (Shore Leave), as well as his friendship with Gary Mitchell (Where No Man Has Gone Before). But Cawley cautions fans that the story is “not just what people expect” and will not include time-travel. Elements from Star Trek XI will also be referenced in Origins.

Origins begins shooting this summer, with an expected 2011 release.

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