April 18 2024


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Star Trek Online Releases Two Videos

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Videos explaining how to use Klingon cloaking devices properly and what is to come in a new Special Task Force were released by Star Trek: Online yesterday.

The videos are Tips & Tricks – Cloaking, and Expanding Universe – Part 3. The latter video explains two STFs; Khitomer Accord and the forthcoming The Undine Terradome.

In Tips & Tricks – Cloaking, players are told how to activate the cloak. The cloaking device is meant only for covert activity and won’t be of use when a Klingon vessel is under attack. Only ships with battle cloaking can cloak while under attack. Warriors are cautioned that when cloaking, shields must be dropped for a few brief moments, which exposes the ship to attack from enemies.

Tactics for attacking Federation ships are discussed, as well as a caution given to warriors when encountering Federation science vessels and Federation Science Officers. Federation science vessels have cloaking detection as a standard feature on their ships. Federation science officers are trained in detecting cloaked vessels.

In The Expanding Universe – Part 3 video, a sneak peek of the STO future is given. Two STFs are covered, Khitomer Accord and The Undine Terradome.

In the segment dealing with Khitomer Accord, players are told that in Khitomer Accord, the actions of the Borg  in an earlier tutorial are explained.

In Khitomer Accord, the player’s team has to protect a time portal and take out the Borg transwarp conduits at the same time. Going through the time portal takes the player and his team back to the time before the Borg tutorial.

In The Undine Terradome segment of the video, players are told that they will be able to infiltrate an Undine station to rescue Federation hostages. The only catch is that they must first figure out who is human and who is an Undine in disguise.

The Undine Terradome STF releases on April 22.

The videos can be seen here.

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