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International Federation Of Trekkers Relaunch

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On the new website for the International Federation of Trekkers (IFT) also known as The Federation, a countdown clock lets fans know that in nineteen days, their new website will be active.

According to Russ Haslage, IFT president, exciting changes will be coming on June 15 when the changeover to the new website happens. The changes include more information availability and a new magazine.

The International Federation of Trekkers (IFT), a Star Trek fan club, was first organized in 1984. A nonprofit corporation, IFT’s purpose, is “To promote the humanistic philosophies and ideals portrayed in the Star Trek myths in a realistic fashion conducive to the continued existence and responsible advancement of human kind. To provide, promote, and support education and positive legal activism in the area of human rights, racial and sexual equality, environmental causes, and space exploration. To promote a more positive impression of Star Trek fans as intelligent, socially conscious, active individuals who are aware and concerned about the real world today.”

Originally scheduled to relaunch on June 1, the changes were delayed to make sure that everything was perfect. “We didn’t want to launch anything that wasn’t completely ready for the fans,” said Haslage. “In our development process, we have been in contact with officials at CBS to be sure that our plans met with their approval and that we didn’t step on any legal toes. In the spirit of cooperation we tweaked our plans a bit and we didn’t want to slap things together at the last minute. We want to make sure everything is done professionally and is the very best for the very best fans.”

The forthcoming Federation Communicator e-magazine, reported by TrekToday earlier this month, has been renamed and will be called Voyages. Haslage has promised that it is “going to blow people away.”

In March, Haslage purchased the TrekUnited domain name and rights from Tim Brazeal, the man behind the unsuccessful “Save Star Trek: Enterprise” campaign. Haslage recently moved TrekUnited to a dedicated server and will be updating it soon.

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