April 21 2024


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Star Trek: Online Updates

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The latest Star Trek: Online release notes have been posted and the update includes data on the Undine Terradome and Khitomer Accord STFs as well as improvements to Memory Alpha.

The Terradome is now available for players of Undine Terradome STF, where they will find that inside the Terradome, it is very similar to Deep Space Nine.

There’s a good reason for that similarity, as the Undine are planning to invade Federation space. Players will need to liberate captured Federation officers, and root out the Undine mastermind behind the planned invasion.

For the Khitomer Accord STF – a reward mission for the “assimilated” Accolade is now available to players who have already completed the Accolade, or to players who get to the Accolade from this point forward.

Other general updates:

  • Skyfiles across the entire game have been optimized.
  • Sulu has been promoted! Samuel Winters is now the contact for all patrol missions. Where’s Winters? He’s located in Admiral Quinn’s office in Earth Space Dock.
  • The Constellation ship name has been fixed so it no longer says Cheyenne.

Memory Alpha updates include:

  • You can now look up Memory Alpha R&D progress and recipes at any time by using the drop down on the mini map, however you MUST be standing near an appropriate console at Memory Alpha to create the item. The create button will light up when you are standing near the console. Opening the appropriate computer console at Memory Alpha also brings up the R&D UI.
  • There are 7 areas of research. All players start with Basic. Once you max out your Basic level skill, the other 3 stores (Energy, Physical, Technology) will open up. These stores also have advanced recipes that can be learned once you’ve maxed out the standard items.
  • The research skill you will receive is listed to the left of each item.
  • Items you cannot make yet, will be grayed out. The skill required to make the item is listed next the recipe component requirements.
  • Recipes have been reviewed and number of components needed reduced in some cases
  • There are vendors at Memory Alpha that sell basic components needed in R&D recipes
  • Any Memory Alpha progress you had prior, will be converted to the approximate new skill amounts. Due to some store restructuring, this may mean that some items you were previously able to make may require more skill than you have now, but it will be close.

Other updates can be found at the link located here.

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