April 21 2024


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Star Trek:Online Starship Class Poll

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Star Trek: Online players who would like to have input into which starship class they would like to see next in the MMORPG are encouraged to head to the official site and make their starship class preference known.

There are six classes from which to choose, all six from canon Star Trek. Players may choose from the following classes: Excelsior, Nebula, Oberth, Enterprise J, NX Enterprise and Ambassador.

The Excelsior class features ships such as the USS Excelsior (Star Trek: The Search For Spock) which featured transwarp drive, and the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B.

Nebula class ships include the USS Phoenix and the USS Sutherland.

Oberth class ships were mid-sized ships used primarily as scouting and science vessels. The Pegasus (Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Pegasus) was an Oberth class ship.

The Enterprise J class featured a starship from the 26th century, seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

The NX Enterprise class was the first class of starship built with a warp five engine, and included the Enterprise (commanded by Jonathan Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise) as well as the Columbia.

The Ambassador class starship, a heavy cruiser, included the USS Enterprise-C, commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett.

Players may vote in the poll by heading to the link located here.

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