May 29 2024


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Star Trek Online: Ask Cryptic

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A new installment of Ask Cryptic, where questions from Star Trek: Online players are answered by the developers of the MMORPG game, has been posted.

Some of the questions include new ship tiers, mini-games, going beyond the Galactic Barrier, Exploration missions, missions on canon worlds such as Vulcan and Andoria, and Q.

Players had plenty of questions regarding future changes and additions to Star Trek: Online. One player wished to know if Q would be returning in a future mission. “Q is taking a break for Season Two,” answered a developer, “but I’m sure we’ll see him again. You can’t keep a devilishly handsome omnipotent galactic entity down.”

Another gamer wanted to know if he would ever see a Klingon ship for referral rewards. “That is a good possibility,” was the answer. “Right now we are looking at bumping the level cap for the game, and that means trying to get new ships into the game for everyone. So those new ships will be getting first priority.”

One question addressed the level cap increase. “Will there be a new tier of ships, and if so, will they make the current 5th tier ships obsolete?” The developers said that “We do not plan on adding an additional tier with the level cap increase that we are working on currently. That being said we definitely plan on adding in more ships in the 5th tier to offer some additional choices to players.”

The Galactic Barrier will remain just that, for the near future of Star Trek: Online, with games not reaching beyond it. “Season 2 takes you into another dimension, but the Barrier is not a factor. As we expand STO, one of the questions we will be looking at is what is the Galactic Barrier and what will you find behind it.”

More questions can be found at the site.

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