April 18 2024


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Trek Auction Brings In The Dollars

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In an auction featuring Star Trek memorabilia, several items sold for more than their estimated worth, including a coat worn by Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek XI.

Last weekend, a Star Trek auction was held by Julien’s Auctions, featuring memorabilia from the series dating back to the 1960s and including props and costumes from Star Trek XI.

The best seller was the gray parka that Nimoy wore in Star Trek XI. Estimated value was set between $5,000-7,000, but the parka sold for $8,960.

Another item which did well in the auction was a Star Trek communicator (seen below), again from Star Trek XI, which was valued at $1,000-$2,000, but which sold for $7,680.

Some of the other Star Trek auction items sold:

  • William Shatner Lifetime Achievement Award. $1,088.00
  • Star Trek Casts Signed Print. $7,680.00
  • Star Trek: Nemesis Display Panel. $2,176.00
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Alexander Siddig Duty Jumpsuit. $1,664.00
  • Model Starship Enterprise. $1,664.00
  • Communicator and flip phone. $2,240.00
  • Star Trek Replica Phaser. $1,408.00
  • Gene Roddenberry Director’s Chair. $4,375.00
  • Lincoln Enterprises Film Clip Archive. $2,432.00
  • Majel Barrett Roddenberry costume. $2,176.00
  • USS Kelvin crew member costume. $3,437.50
  • Kelvin Phaser. $8,750.00
  • Romulan Rifle. $2,812.50
  • Klingon Rifle. $1,408.00
  • Medical tricorder. $2,880.00

The bargains included: a medical insignia exhibition sold for $62.50, Gene Roddenberry travel tags which sold for $50.00 and a Los Angeles Police Department certificate of appreciation which sold for $64.00.

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