July 21 2024


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Call For Boycott Of $#*! My Dad Says

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Even though though the show is airing on broadcast television, not cable, a group of unhappy parents want a boycott for $#*! My Dad Says, on which William Shatner will be starring beginning next month.

The Parents Television Council (PTC) has written to around three hundred companies who advertise on television in hopes of getting them to “send a message” to CBS.

“As an advertiser, you have the power to act upon your corporate values and send a clear message to CBS and its affiliates that this type of profanity in any format has no place in primetime broadcast television,” wrote PTC President Tim Winter. “Associating your company with ‘Sh*t’ cannot be an effective use of advertising dollars … I suspect your products are worth more than this raunchy attempt at humor.”

Winter asked those advertisers to let him know what they had decided by mid-August so that he could let his 1.3 million members know who supported the boycott and who did not.

The PTC, based in Los Angeles, was formed in 1995 to keep tabs on children’s exposure to profanity, sex and violence on television.

Although there is little to no profanity in the show itself, unlike the Twitter feed upon which it is based, the title  $#*! My Dad Says alone was enough to anger the PTC. “With no apology, this network broadcast outlet is heavily promoting this program in all day parts in full view of children and unsuspecting parents,” said Winter. “Unless or until CBS chooses a different title for this program, we urge you to refrain from sponsoring such an abomination purported to be light-hearted fun.”

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