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Ensign Sue Must Die

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Many books, comics, fan films and other creative projects and ideas have been based on Star Trek and its spin-off series and movies, but one of the funnier creations is a comic based on a “Mary Sue” character called “Ensign Sue Must Die.”

Ensign Sue Must Die, a “Trek-tastic parody” created by Clare Mosely and Kevin Bolk, chronicles the arrival and mayhem caused by the arrival on the USS Enterprise of Ensign Mary Amethyst Star Enoby Aiko Archer Picard Janeway Sue.

The series is set on the Abrams Enterprise, and features the seemingly invincible Ensign Mary Sue, whose colored hair stripe, eye color and cheek patch changes with every new strip. The seventeen-year-old Ensign Sue drives everyone crazy, including “old Spock” who quickly beams off the ship when she appears, after giving a cryptic warning to his younger counterpart; the Captain, who makes the one-time mistake of showing interest in the new Ensign;  and Uhura, who tries to get rid of the pesky Ensign by sending her into a dangerous encounter with Klingons. Who will prevail?

Fans of the Mirror Universe will laugh at what happens when two Mary Sues meet each other, first on the regular universe Enterprise, and then when Spock tries to return MU Ensign Sue to her proper universe.

The comic has twenty-two parts posted thus far, and for fans who can’t wait for more or would like to own the set of comics, the entire series can be purchased in a thirty-two page book.

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