May 20 2024


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Legohacker: Star Wars Into Star Trek

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One twelve-year-old boy, known online as “Legohacker” has figured out the trick of turning official Star Wars Lego sets into Star Trek ships.

Some four-year-olds will create art with Play-Doh or use crayons to create artistic masterpieces, but Legohacker was a bit different than his age-contemporaries, according to his father, Jon Ippolito. “When I had kids I was eager to see what kind of creativity they would spill on a page full of crayon drawings or a lump of Play Dough or, in this case, a bunch of Legos,” he said. “I was pretty astonished to see how sophisticated the kind of thinking outside the box they did was.”

Legohacker appeared to show that “outside of the box” thinking. “In particular my son, when he was about four, started to put blocks together in ways that I didn’t even think were possible,” said Ippolito.

The son, who is now twelve, is still a fan of Legos. Legohacker uses the official sets, turning them into something else using only the pieces that were included in the box (hacking the set). His latest Lego hacking includes turning Star Wars sets into Star Trek ships.

One hack shows what happens when a Star Wars Corporate Alliance tank droid is turned into a Federation Starship.

Another hack shows a Klingon battlecruiser, made from a Star Wars Republic Walker set.

Legohacker has a website where his creations are displayed. His family, including his sister, helps him to find appropriate backgrounds against which to display his Lego artwork.

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