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Lien Post-Star Trek Voyager

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Jennifer Lien is active and happy since her Star Trek: Voyager days and looks back on her time on the show with fondness and few regrets.

Although some fans were unhappy at having Lien’s character Kes replaced by Seven of Nine, Lien is OK with the decision. “I had a good time,” she said. “It went on after I left and continued, but my time was great. I have no complaints. I have no regrets. Everything worked out the way it should have. Everything happens for a reason. So I don’t look back and say it should have been like this or it should have been like that. I’m perfectly at peace and content with my life. I don’t live in the past and I don’t wish anything were different.”

That doesn’t mean that she loved every choice that was made. Lien had two exit episodes, The Gift and Fury, but she preferred The Gift. “I didn’t think Fury was acted as well as The Gift. There were a lot of poor acting choices on my part. I wasn’t really thinking as creatively as I could have with my acting choices. So I’m not really proud of that one, but I was very grateful that they asked me back and that I got to see everyone I’d worked with. But I hadn’t been acting for such a long time and to pick up with a character I hadn’t been with, and to try to have continuity with a character who was so different from what I’d played and to act so out of character – with the other characters, who had developed so much (in her absence) – it was hard. But everyone did their best to work with me.”

Lien was reunited with some of her co-stars at this weekend’s Official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention. “It was great to see everyone again and feel that way again,” she said. It just felt good. They’re all great people and that’s something that will never happen again to me, being with that sort of group of people. That was truly incredible and special for me.”

Nowadays, Lien keeps busy with her family and studies. “I’m taking college courses and trying to keep my mind busy and stay healthy physically and mentally,” she said. “I’m trying to take care of my kids. I also have three dogs. I have a chow mix, I have a beagle mix and the other one is a Lhasa Apso.”

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