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Siddig: No More Deep Space Nine

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Although he is proud of his work on Deep Space Nine, Alexander Siddig believes that there is no chance of it being resurrected.

The success of J.J. Abrams‘ Star Trek XI means that Trek will be going in a new direction, not revisiting Deep Space Nine. “I think beyond a shadow of a doubt [that there will be no new DS9 film],” said Siddig. “And I’m very proud of DS9. But I think that it lived and I think people quite weirdly enjoy it almost more now, that it’s not showing any more, than they did at the time.”

“But [Star Trek XI] definitely put Deep Space Nine to bed,” said Siddig. “And I think that’s not a bad thing. Otherwise, you get into territory where we’re like, ‘And we’re gonna remake The Dukes Of Hazzard as a movie. And we’re gonna-‘ Which they do, all the time and you’re like, ‘Oh God, yawn. It better be really entertaining, otherwise I’m not going.’ You know.”

There’s a reason why Deep Space Nine is more popular now than it was when it aired, said Siddig, blaming market saturation. “At the time, they were forced into making choices. I think Paramount made a few mistakes about putting, like, two or three Star Trek shows up against each other and on different channels, so that you literally were appealing to different constituencies. And that was probably, I think, an error of judgment.  I think it hurt the very end of The Next Generation and it hurt the beginning of Deep Space Nine and then Voyager came along and Deep Space Nine was just a kind of flailing kid in the background that was just ‘Ah, and we’re here too. We’re doing another show.’ Now, people actually get a chance to stand back and actually choose which ones they like from the whole array of this vast franchise. Deep Space has become really quite popular and people are really, really passionate or fond of it.”

Siddig isn’t lobbying for a Deep Space Nine remake. “No, I haven’t and I don’t think I will and I think that’s really cool. As an actor, I’ve got other ambitions and Deep Space Nine, although I’m deeply proud of it, is not something I’m campaigning to resurrect or that character, Bashir, or anything like that. Yeah, all good things (must come to an end).”

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