July 14 2024


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Star Trek Merchandise Oddities

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For Star Trek fans who have seen it all, take a peek at some of the offbeat Star Trek merchandise offered for sale recently.

Fans are used to seeing merchandise for their favorite shows, from toys to clothing to posters, but occasionally some of the items offered for sale are guaranteed to elicit a muttered, “What were they thinking?”

UGO has collected eleven Star Trek merchandise oddities, including a wallet, dog tags, cupcake toppers and even a Kirk and a Spock nutcracker.

The Kirk and Spock nutcrackers, which sell for $19.99 at the official Star Trek site, “come with both Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock [sic], so you don’t have to decide on just one!” This entry gets bonus points for the “Dr. Spock” error.

Or how about a Spock holiday center piece? “Get in the spirit of Spock!” says the description for this item. Spock is standing amongst a pile of presents and Tribbles, and he has opened a present only to find the box full of Tribbles! One can only suppose that the box originally contained a pile of quadrotriticale or perhaps Tribbles like holiday fruitcakes. How does one say “Merry Christmas” in Vulcan?

Some of the truly weird offerings are courtesy of Etsy. Fans can purchase a Captain Spot antique plate, where a photo of a dog in a TNG uniform is pictured in the center of the plate.

Or how about a painted phaser on one’s black trousers? It’s an Abramsverse phaser and certainly every hot-blooded male will want to appear in public with these trousers! Be sure to put the “Spock’s Breast Meld Wallet” in the pocket of these trousers and you can’t go wrong on a date!

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