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Was Movie Summer 2010 a TNG Rehash?

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Supposedly, there are five basic plots, so sooner or later, fans will see a story that looks rather familiar to them.

According to UGO, some of the movies from this summer could be matched with Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes like Tapestry, Lower Decks, and Journey’s End.

Shrek Forever, according to UGO, can compare with Tapestry. In Tapestry, Picard sees how his life could have been different had he not got into a brawl with a Nausicaan which resulted in him receiving an artificial heart, while in Shrek Forever, Shrek imagines what his life would have been like if he had stayed true to his ogre roots.

Of course, the “what your life could have been like” story has been done before, in movies such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” and in television shows such as Dallas.

The Other Guys, which tells the story of the NYPD accountants and benchwarmers “in the shadow of the Big Collar Cops” can be compared with Lower Decks, in which non-senior staff who are usually seen in passing, if at all, are featured.

Salt can be compared to Face of the Enemy, as “A raven-haired beauty who may be fighting on the side of freedom or may be working from within on behalf of a totalitarian empire.” This description might describe Angelina Jolie as a Russian double agent Salt, or Marina Sirtis as Troi, who ends up working from within on behalf of the totalitarian Romulans.

To see more comparisons, head to the link located here.

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