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Bennett On Shatner, Nimoy And Roddenberry

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Harve Bennett, the man credited with reinvigorating the Star Trek movie franchise after the disappointment of the first movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, shared his thoughts about some of the people associated with Star Trek.

Speaking to the Southern Oregon Film and Television organization at Varsity Theater in Ashland, Oregon, Bennett explained that William Shatner‘s ego was a cover-up for something else.

“[Shatner] is what you see,” said Bennett. “If you wanted to define a matinee idol, it would be Bill Shatner. He’s got a wonderful ego; there is nothing he can’t do; he’s physically brave and will dare to do anything. He is stubborn; he thinks the world of himself as a cover-up because he is really like every other actor, scared shitless.”

Leonard Nimoy‘s decision to be an actor was a puzzlement to Bennett. “I never understood why Leonard became an actor, he is a pure intellect,” said Bennett, “very bright, very gifted, and there is something about his non-acting that makes him an authority figure. You put the ears on him and it all came together.”

Bennett didn’t particularly like Gene Roddenberry, but he acknowledged his abilities. “I did not like Gene Roddenberry, he did not like me,” said Bennett. “I found him to be egocentric and difficult to work with. That does not diminish his contribution, his genius and that special ability that Gene had which I would call promotional genius. He knew how to take things and make them instantaneously important.”

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