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Star Trek: Online Turns One

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A year ago, Star Trek: Online, the Star Trek-themed MMORPG, debuted and the game continues to evolve and change.

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Daniel Stahl updated fans on the progress of the game, and thanked them for their patronage. “This last year has been a great one for Star Trek: Online and I can’t emphasize enough how much fans have contributed to our success,” he said.

New episodes continue to be made, to keep current players and to attract new ones. “Telling stories is at the heart of Star Trek,” said Stahl. “I can empathize with anyone who has created a Star Trek video game because there is a very fine line to draw a balance between storytelling and gameplay.

“I’ll be the first to admit that watching reruns, while enjoyable, isn’t nearly as exciting as watching a new episode of Star Trek. That is why our team has been committed to writing new series of episodes that can be aired in game on a week to week basis. Each series allows us to focus on a specific storyline, with specific actors and settings. To date we’ve released a two series, one featuring a plot by the Breen to uncover Preserver technology, and another featuring the Devidians who are traveling through time to feed on the souls ravaged by the Federation-Klingon war. This week we will be starting our third series which focuses on a power struggle in Romulan space in the aftermath of the destruction of Romulus.”

The future should be bright for Star Trek: Online. New episodes and a war between the Federation and Klingon Empire are in the cards. “…we plan to devote more attention to ensuring that the conflict between the Federation and Klingon Empire comes into focus,” said Stahl. “As it stands now, there are some big differences between the Federation and Romulan factions when it comes to playing the game, and it is my goal to see the Klingon Empire portrayed properly with enough missions and stories of their own to make them a viable option for someone creating a new character.”

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