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A New Ask Cryptic For May 2011

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A new month brings a new version of Star Trek: Online‘s Ask Cryptic, with questions submitted by players answered by Star Trek: Online‘s Dan Stahl.

This month’s topics include: Klingons, fleet size, new ships, Bridge officers, torpedoes, PvP, The Borg, uniforms and more.

Star Trek: Online Klingon fans will be pleased to hear of a tweaking of the Qo’noS planetary zone. “We are completely remaking the Qo’noS planetary zone where Klingon players currently start the game,” said Stahl. “Previously this was an interior map, and now it is the courtyard and neighborhood around the Great Hall. This makes Qo’noS feel much more like a bustling city complete with back alley ways, a new shipyard, and the ability to walk from the primary exterior to various interior areas (such as the Great Hall).”

The Borg will also be coming in for change, becoming more menacing. “We are revamping both the TNG Borg so that they have adaptive shielding and are more badass like I remember them being, and the newer Borg are also getting a revamp similar to what we did with the Romulans,” said Stahl. “As far as when will we see more of them? Very soon; and in big ways.”

With the Klingons getting “attack Targs,” expect to see other “attack” creatures down the road. “When we eventually add the Targ breeding game, we expect to allow players to train other types of ‘away team’ pets as well,” said Stahl. “Attack Saurs would be included in that. (Although internally we refer to them as GornDogs).”

Stahl admitted that there is fan dissatisfaction with space PvP and that there is room for improvement. “Admittedly, there has been a lack of PVP support in STO since Season 1, and many would say that PVP is not STO’s strong point,” he said. “Over the last seasons we have been slowly working towards improving the system by way implementing a new PVP queue and the ability to create private PVP challenges. As we move forward, the goal is to work in PVP versions of maps as we do Feature Episode series. So look for something new towards the end of the next series.”

More answers can be seen at Zam.com.

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