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Trek Videogame Wins Awards

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The Star Trek videogame has won five awards at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3).

The game is due to be featured as the cover story in the current issue of GamePro, which is available on newsstands now.

“Star Trek, which continues the adventure that director and producer J.J. Abrams‘ envisioned with Star Trek (2009), boasts a story filled with action-packed combat as Kirk and Spock work together to stop a legendary enemy race bent on conquering the galaxy. And for the first time ever, players are cast as Captain James T. Kirk and Spock in an unprecedented co-op experience.”

The awards won by Star Trek include:

  • Playstation: The Official Magazine – Most Valuable Game of E3 2011
  • Official Xbox Magazine – Most Valuable Game of E3 2011
  • Electric Playground – Best of Show
  • Pixelated Geek – Best Awesome
  • The Bit Bag – Best Co-op

Star Trek has received favorable reviews from critics. “This game rocks,” said IGN. It’s fast, intense and filled with action. It’s delightfully innovative, full of moments so surprisingly fun and unique that you’ll wonder why no other game has ever thought of them.”

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1 thought on “Trek Videogame Wins Awards

  1. Ok, That’s Good News To Hear!

    But if it is another only online playable version like the much waited for “Star Trek Online” game where you have to not only buy the game often costing alott,
    But you also only can play it online and to do so costs lots of money per month!

    Then it will be another waste of our time!

    When as a big long time trek game fan, and fan of the star trek series and most of the films I was really looking forward to seeing the star trek online as a chance to play online trek gaming like I did back when star trek klingon academy was the top trek game!

    We had to wait much longer for the star trek online game to be released than origially planned as they had problems with some parts which had to be sorted out?

    Then 1 year later than planned it was released, and unlike the original written policy that was stated where we buy the game and then play for free online, The game producers told us all sorry you got pay to play it online monthly no less?

    Stuff that. like we in the uk would pay out upto £35 for a game then pay monthly about £12 just to play online a trek game which we found out from other gamers who did pay it was mostly rubbish to play?

    So if this is another one like that forget it?

    Why can game producers do it the old way of make a top trek ship battle game which you can play as a off line game and then later if you wish a online game with no monthly cost except your internet isp costs?

    And star trek has a long history to pull on for game plots even though gene roddenberry has sadly long ago passed away, they still don’t stick to his ideas for the series?

    Moan over and out.
    Beam me up scotty.

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