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Trek Nation Documentary To Air In November

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Rod Roddenberry‘s documentary, Trek Nation, will be airing on the Science Channel in November.

Trek Nation was produced and narrated by Roddenberry, who is the son of the late Gene and Majel Barrett Roddenberry. The documentary has been eight years in the making.

Roddenberry interviewed those who knew his father, including Star WarsGeorge Lucas, J.J. Abrams,and others, as well as with fans of Star Trek, which include athletes, models, celebrities, politicians and even a king.

In Trek Nation, fans will hear of “amusing and powerful accounts of how Star Trek has affected and even saved lives. We’ll hear stories of how videotapes of the show were smuggled through the Berlin Wall. We’ll learn of a woman, blind since birth, who has seen every episode of Star Trek and how Martin Luther King, Jr. talked Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) into staying on the show. We’ll come to understand how close the ties are between science and science fiction, NASA and Star Trek. And we’ll see how Star Trek created cultural breakthrough after breakthrough – for women, minorities, the handicapped and many more.”

The Trek documentary will include “never-before seen pictures and video clips,” as well as personal photos and video photos from the Roddenberry family.

Trek Nation will air on Science on November 30.

Exclusive footage can be seen here.

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5 thoughts on “Trek Nation Documentary To Air In November

  1. Your article is written to imply that JJ Abrams knew Gene well. Although I understand that was not your intent. Clearly it would be insane since JJ must harbor some deep contempt for Gene demonstrated by the abomination of a “film” he directed which proceeded to violate the very characters and vision of true Star Trek throughout.

  2. The only ‘abomination’ is you and fans like you that have to bash anything recent in Star Trek: The Franchise that doesn’t fit with your constipated world view of what the franchise could or should be. This fan that recently spoke on Deviant Art was quite right about so-called ‘fans’ like you: Obnoxious Trekkies

    Read it and see if there’s anything familiar in what the writer said-I know that it is.

  3. Wow, did you see the same movie the rest of the world saw? I guess you can’t please everyone………..

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