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Star Trek-themed Bluetooth Headset Review

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Three new Bluetooth headsets are available for Star Trek fans who like to wear their Trek fandom with pride.

The Star Trek headsets, from Earloomz, comes in three versions: Live Long and Prosper, U.S.S. Enterprise and Command Shield. The headsets sell for $59.99 each.

The headset tested by this reviewer was the blue Live Long and Prosper model, which she found to be the most attractive of the three, although fans of the U.S.S. Enterprise may beg to differ. Live Long and Prosper is blue, with a white starfield in the background, upon which there is a blue and black command shield.

Live Long and Prosper proved to be easy to use, with the most difficult part being trying to open the package. Plus, the packaging itself is so attractive, it was difficult to make oneself actually take it apart to get to the product.

Once the packaging is open, the contents include the headset (including an earhook and earbud), another earhook, three more earbuds, a lanyard holder, warranty card, user manual and a charger.

The first order of business was to charge the headset. The manual provided with the set claimed a charge time of two hours, the website claimed thirty to sixty minutes and in actual use, it was around an hour and a half or less for that first charge.

For those not tech-savvy, there are no worries in setting up the headset with one’s cellphone. This reviewer’s phone is a regular cellphone that she inherited from someone else and it had no manual to consult. But it only took several minutes to find out where to switch on the Bluetooth function on the cellphone. The instructions in the Earloomz manual were accurate and it took very little time to get the headset paired with the phone once the phone was set up for Bluetooth. That whole process took under five minutes.

The Earloomz Bluetooth headset only has one button, an on-off button. It turns the phone on or off, answers or rejects calls, pairs the device and redials the last number called. Volume is controlled via one’s cellphone.

The headset worked perfectly, with the instructions being accurate and easy to follow. Unlike with some Bluetooth headsets, this set was not prone to slipping off of one’s ear and that was with using the earbud originally attached to the headset. With four different earbuds provided, a user shouldn’t have a problem with proper fit.

The quality of the call was excellent. There was no problem hearing a call, even when in a noisy room (television on and a baby crying in the test circumstances). The call was clear and one didn’t have to turn the volume all the way up to hear the voice on the other end.

For fans wanting a little Star Trek-style with their Bluetooth headset, this is the way to go. The headset is easy to use, charges quickly, has excellent sound quality and is attractive to boot.

The only flaw of the Star Trek-themed Earloomz Bluetooth headset is the attractive container. It really looks good in that packaging!

More details on each of the three Earloomz headsets can be found here.

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3 thoughts on “Star Trek-themed Bluetooth Headset Review

  1. Not only were bluetooth headsets over by 2006, these designs are as inspiring as writing ‘I <3 Spock' or 'Kirk Rulz' on your school notebook.
    As surely as cel phone makers have missed the boat by not making a gold mesh flip-top phone, so have these guys missed the boat by not making it look like Uhura's silver ear piece- that would be distinctive and interesting (never mind that Uhura's ear piece was basically a bluetooth headset before any heard of such a thing).
    I like ST merch, but I'm the sort of fan looking to immerse myself in the universe, not just slap a ST title logo on random stuff.

  2. I absolutely agree. I was hoping for something Uhura-like. I would’ve also dug the cell phone you described. Makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done. Oh well…

  3. Not so much “immerse myself in the universe” part, but yeah what he said…mostly. We’re not ALL 13 yo geeks. Some of us are way back when trekkies, when being Trekkie wasn’t cool! Haha. By now we demand “sharper image” quality ST paraphernalia 😉

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