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New Original Series Sculptures To Debut

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For fans of the original series, a chance to collect several new Star Trek statues will be offered next year.

Hollywood Collectibles has already released a Kirk statue, and the Gorn from Arena is slated to appear next month, but a new statue has been announced, and will come in two versions.

In March, two versions of Spock, standing at his console, will be offered in a limited edition. The standard version will come in an edition of six hundred and can be pre-ordered here. The standard version of Spock at his console will sell for $224.99.

A variant version, only available at Hollywood Collectibles (pre-order), includes more of Spock’s console, and will be limited to a run of one-hundred-and-fifty pieces. This variant Spock sculpture will sell for $199.95.

Titan Collectables is also offering Trek sculptures, in this case, busts of Star Trek characters in their Star Trek Masterpiece Collection. Kirk and Picard will be available next month, and the Data bust will debut in February.

A new bust, of Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, will arrive at the end of May, and sell for $79.99. The Khan bust is a “detailed three-quarter length 8″ tall maxi-bust.”

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  1. I spent thousands of dollars on ST memorabilia in the 80’s and 90’s, and it wasn’t worth it. I did happen to get a #1 edition in the giant Picard bust (no, really). At a Toys R Us in Albuquerque, NM.

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