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Trek Nation To Debut Tomorrow

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Airing tomorrow, November 30, on the Science Channel at 8 PM, Trek Nation, produced and narrated by Rod Roddenberry, is a documentary about Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek, and the people involved with Star Trek over the years.

In making Trek Nation, Rod Roddenberry interviewed those who worked with his father over the years, including industry professionals who knew Gene Roddenberry, family friends, and Star Trek fans.

Rod Roddenberry realized that his father was something out of the ordinary back in 1991 when he attended the 25th anniversary of Star Trek at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. When he helped his father to stand onstage, “the entire Shrine Auditorium got up to applaud him; chills went up and down my spine,” said Roddenberry. “That was almost the first smack in the face that there’s more to this guy who’s your father.”

In discovering who his father really was, Roddenberry heard some stories that were difficult for the son of a man who had been “put up on this pedestal throughout my life;” stories that revealed the complete man, not just the myth. “I found out a tremendous number of them that were extremely moving and powerful and painful,” Roddenberry said. “That allowed me, as a son, not just to connect with him, but actually love him.”

Trek Nation will reveal Gene Roddenberry’s legacy using interviews, archival footage and home movies. For those eager to hear more before tomorrow’s television airing, Trek Nation‘s YouTube page features seven “Director’s Logs,” including the one below which features Star Trek: The Next Generation Writer Michael Piller. Other “Director’s Log” entries include exclusive Star Trek clips, deleted scenes, interviews with Patrick Stewart, Nichelle Nichols, composer Brian Langsbard, and an interview with Trek fan Lydia Chilton.

The Director’s Logs can be seen here.

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8 thoughts on “Trek Nation To Debut Tomorrow

  1. Anyone know when this interview was recorded? Michael died in what.. 2005? How long has this film been in production?

  2. It would have been great if they interviewed other people, aside from the main cast and production personnel. Over the years, I have been amazed at how they didn’t interview various guest stars and other production personnel who have been involved with Star Trek and its various incarnations.

    Oh, well. At least they had the common sense not to interview T’Bonz, Dennis Bailey, and the Starship Farragut production crew. Let alone anyone from the Trek BBS. That BB is corrupted, perverted, and twisted enough as it is.

  3. I wished they hadn’t interviewed Ronald Moore and Rick Berman. That was an unforgiveable offense.

  4. Why, what that S.O.B. Berman do? I watch all my shows on netflix or amazon, I don’t have tv/cable. So, I am not able to see this until they release the DVD; I have only been able to see the previews, and who knows when Discovey channel will do that? Did anything good happen in the show? ~ahki in Emerald City, WA

  5. He worked on the show for around two decades.

    At the end of the day, he worked on a TV show. Does he deserve that abusive language for something that, at the end of the day, is TELEVISION?

    On Tue, 24 Jan 2012 11:19:18 -0000, “Disqus”

  6. Your such a phoney hostile_17. Quit trolling the message boxes, your not going to get laid here.

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