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Rosenman Star Trek IV Score Released

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For fans of the music from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the complete Leonard Rosenman score to the movie has just been released.

The CD is seventy-one minutes long, and includes twenty-four tracks, including bonus tracks.

“For this release, Intrada worked from the original session masters housed at Paramount, reassembling the complete score in film order. This presentation also includes numerous bonus tracks, including alternates and the song I Hate You. A stand-out is an alternate version of the Main Title. Rosenman created this stately arrangement of Alexander Courage‘s classic Star Trek theme to accompany the first part of the opening credits, which appear against a background of deep space.

“Rosenman’s Star Trek IV music bears the hallmarks of the composer’s distinctive style: vaulting brass figures, complex textural passages, thumping suspense motives. The main theme–and also Kirk’s theme–is upbeat, heraldic and heroic, its optimistic flavor cutting a different path than the other scores in the series.”

The track list can be seen here, and samples may be heard at Intrada, where the CD may be purchased for $19.99.

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5 thoughts on “Rosenman Star Trek IV Score Released

  1. I don’t understand this, the whole score that I can remember hearing in the film was on the soundtrack album. Who would want or need this, especially at $19.99?

  2. I was inspired and loved the Horner music for the second and third movies. Then when I was sitting in the theater during STIV, I had a WTF moment. I realized that this music wasn’t what I was expecting. So I’ve had a bit of a grudge against it ever since. There are some very good cues in this work, but for some reason it didn’t strike me quite the same.

  3. Ah to answer my own question, I see now that the Star Trek IV soundtrack is actually out of print and used copies are going for $20.00 so I guess it makes sense to re-issue this now.

  4. It also contains quite a bit more content than the original album, including an alternate intro which is a fully orchestrated version of the TOS theme. Plus the “I Hate You” song, which has never been released on any CD at all before now.

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