May 22 2024


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Star Trek Online to Release in Europe

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Star Trek Online, the free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing Star Trek game, will now be available in languages other than English.

“With this European free-to-play launch, German and French players can now lead their crew on missions in their own language and also participate in events, in-game chats, competitions and episodic missions that will immerse them even more in the always expanding Star Trek universe.”

“The launch of Star Trek Online in Europe is the culmination of our efforts over the past several years to bring gamers the Star Trek universe on a truly massive scale,” said Dan Stahl, Executive Producer for Star Trek Online. “We’d like to share this accomplishment with our community of players that have given their ongoing support to help us create an innovative game that captures Star Trek‘s essence and we are happy to offer a localized experience for our French and German-speaking players. Our team is looking forward to sharing this experience with players in Europe and across the world.”

The press release went on to say that “as the first AAA quality MMO to feature space and ground combat, Star Trek Online has continued to grow in popularity, Over the past two years, the game has expanded with five seasons of content updates, delivered story-driven Feature Episode Series, and introduced new systems that allow for enhanced gameplay, such as spacewalk missions in zero-gravity and the new Duty Officer system. In addition, the recent conversion of Star Trek Online to a free-to-play model has opened its doors to anyone who wants to experience the game at no cost.”

To celebrate the European launch, the Star Trek Online site is offering a Double XP Bonus weekend featuring Q, and “anyone who logs in during the promotional timeframe will earn a special accolade that will allow them to claim an IDIC Tribble.” This promotion begins today and will run through Monday around 10 AM (PDT)/6 PM (UTC.)

“To participate in the Q XP Weekend, visit and speak to Q on Earth Spacedock or Qo’noS. He will give you a buff that will double the amount of Skill Points and Bridge Officer Skill Points your character earns – this buff lasts for four hours (real time, not playing time), and does stack with the XP Boosts that are available in the C-Store. If your Q boost expires, you can visit Q again! Note: Energy Credits and Dilithium earnings are not affected by boosts.

“To be eligible to claim the IDIC Tribble (which stands for the Vulcan philosophy of “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”), you must log into STO during the promotional period mentioned above. Upon logging in, your character will be granted an accolade which will allow you to pick up an IDIC Tribble from a Tribble Handler that has taken up residence on Earth Spacedock, outside of Club 47, and Qo’noS, in the Targ pit. Although this Tribble is unique (you can only have one per character at a time), if you discard it, as long as you have the accolade, you will be able to pick up another one from the handler.”

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