May 29 2024


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Star Trek Rockets To Launch

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MPC model rockets, popular in the 1960s when Star Trek first aired, are set to return this autumn with several Star Trek rockets included in the release by Round 2.

The three Star Trek rockets will include the USS Enterprise 1701, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey, and the USS Reliant NCC-1864.

The new rockets will include three thirteen-to-twenty-inch tall Star Trek rockets, all of which can be “assembled in less than an hour,” and which come with Star Trek decals. Engines, igniters, recovery wadding, launch control units and launch pads will be sold separately.

Each Trek rocket kit “utilizes graphic elements from specific Star Trek ships to create very-stylized, high-impact themed rockets that can fly up to 260 feet high. The parachutes are covered in color, Trek-centric graphics designed to make an impact as the rocket descends.”

“MPC rockets are a great fit for the market as there are currently no other licensed rockets,” said Round 2 Owner Tom Lowe. “These rockets are poised to make a strong statement at retail.”

The Star Trek MPC rockets will go on sale in September.

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6 thoughts on “Star Trek Rockets To Launch

  1. There were some in the 1970’s that actually looked like the Enterprise and the Klingon ship. This is kinda lame, if this is an actual image of the actual rocket.

  2. “MPC rockets are a great fit for the market as there are currently no other licensed rockets”.

    Just because there’s not something in existence doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for the market. There are no Star Trek branded sink plungers, but does’t mean it’s going to “make a strong statement at retail”.

  3. I saw on ebay that those original Estes Star Trek rockets (Enterprise) & (Klingon) are on ebay for $1800 and $3000. I have an unopened set. Not selling.

  4. No, it looks like a rocket. It looks nothing like the Enterprise from any movie. Cough Cough*

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