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New Quinto Photos And Juicy Trek Rumors.

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Several new Star Trek 2 set photos have emerged, featuring Zachary Quinto as Spock.

In other Star Trek 2 news, a Leonard Nimoy return may be in the cards; word on Benedict Cumberbatch‘s role emerges; and news on the latest shooting location for the movie is revealed.

Before reading further, know that some of the news below is rumor and contains spoilers.

In the new photos, Quinto is shown grimacing; either scowling or getting ready to sneeze.

The actor is wearing a black mock turtleneck shirt, on which can be seen a faint image of the Starfleet emblem. His slacks are gray and appear to be regular clothes. It may be that he is only wearing a uniform shirt due to needing to have that on before having his makeup done.

In other Star Trek 2 Spock news, a comment by Leonard Nimoy with CNN’s Jason Carroll has Star Trek fans abuzz speculating as to whether the original Spock will return for a cameo.

“…we were talking about the new Star Trek movie,” said Carroll. “It was great; you did a great job in it. And we were just about talking about that just before … will you be in another Star Trek movie?”

“Uhh, we’re talking,” replied Nimoy. “We’re talking.”

Ain’t It Cool News is claiming that “Nimoy’s Spock is definitely in the film and will have long and stately robes.”

Furthermore, they claim that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Khan, and there will be a “deep space smackdown between Kirk and Khan in space suits. Flying suits.”

Star Trek 2 is still shooting and will be in the general Bay Area, according to On Location.

“Today an anonymous tipster sent us some more information about the shoot in Northern California,” said a reporter from On Location. “According to our source, Star Trek will begin filming scenes at the Lawrence Livermore Lab in Livermore, CA, possibly as soon as [April 29].”

Livermore is about forty-five miles southeast of San Francisco.

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23 thoughts on “New Quinto Photos And Juicy Trek Rumors.

  1. I dearly hope AICN is talking out of their ass, ’cause I will feel well and truly violated if ST’11 is a Kahn redux.

  2. idiots! It would not be a Khan redux but a Space Seed Redux! A Re imagined Space Seed could be quite cool!

  3. bluejfk – the bigger idiot would be the one who thought it would be cool to have a pasty white Englishman play an Indian villain with the last name Singh…

  4. They usually are. Why, just recently Harry was jizzing all over a Prometheus fake script that had been debunked months before. Ain’t it Made-Up News.

  5. With a white-for-Indian? Who doesn’t have half the charisma that Ricardo Montalban had in his little finger? In a half-assed rebake of what is far and away the best Trek movie, which it will inevitably be compared to? Could be, if the studio is as stupid as you are.

  6. I don’t like the Khan news, but I do like hearing that the new film is being shot in the Bay Area. That’s kind of cool.

  7. Yea, there’s no way this guy is gonna be Kahn. I can’t believe how relentless that rumor has been.

  8. If any of this true, it will be great to have Leonard Nimoy return as Spock. Although I am a little surprised and worried that British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is supposedly playing Khan Noonien Singh in the next film, I’m willing to withold judgement until the movie is released.

    Aside from that, it will be interesting to see the film and Peter Weller in whatever role he is playing.

    Maybe the Klingons will be fighting alongside the Enterprise crew against Khan and his supermen(assuming if they are the main villains). Who knows?

    Anything better than last month’s past nonsense about Star Trek Continues and Vic Mignogna’s unauthorized release of the Star Trek-Phase 2 episode – Kitumba.

  9. I feel the Kahn news only weakens JJ and Friend’s claim that this new universe is an off-shoot from the real one. Or am I really suppose to believe that Nero’s actions somehow changed Kahn’s skin color (and I’m assuming) his ship. That ship and the clothing Kahn and company are found in better be 100% identical to how it was in TOS, that’s all I’m saying.

    Better yet, can Orci and Kurtzman just finally admit that Nero and Spock not only went back in time, but back into a different reality/ universal all together? Just please finally admit to this and stop the lie.

  10. The OP was bitching he was English, when the original actor was Mexican anyway. So a stupid complaint.
    If indeed it is Khan. I’m not convinced.

  11. Uhhh… they went back in time, changed events, which branched them off into an alternate timeline. It’s rare in Trek, true, but not completely unprecedented.

  12. Excuse??? How could Mignona be releasing someone elses’ production?

  13. I hate to say, I can see a Khan-Klingon connection, and it stems directly from… *shudder*… Enterprise.
    (I know, I know; the augments arc is not only the best of that crap series, but a brilliant solution to the Klingon bump problem. But accepting the good part lets the rest of that skanky camel in the tent, and I feel violated already.)
    That said:
    The Klingons knew about Khan.
    If they learned he left the planet, which is likely, then they might have gone looking for him. And they’d have a century to find him.
    This opens up a lot of interesting possibilities, none of which have dick-all to do with TWOK, since the history just is not there. But let’s speculate! *cackle*

    Possible motivations:
    To use his supeeerior intellect to find a way to perfect Klingon augments;
    To use him as a weapon against the Federation;
    Wierd but possible, a group of smooth Klingons may take it in their bumpless heads to put him on the throne.

    Possible outcomes:
    Khan takes over the Empire.
    Khan takes over the Empire.
    Or, possibly, Khan takes over the Empire.

    Why do I find this likely? I feel that Khan would find a great deal of kinship with Klingons. They value strength over morality, and seek to improve themselves through such family-friendly activities as battle, expansion, subjugation, and removing undesirable elements from the gene pool. Khan would feel right at home, and I think that after he whips a few Klingon asses barehanded, they’ll adore him.

    However, this is not a good basis for a movie. It’s more like a half-baked fanfic.
    And… waitaminnit… alien race seeks a human… leader… to take them to glory…
    Shit! It’s Nemesis. Game over, man. Game over.

  14. Vulcan taint pinch was a little rough. I wonder if my photon gun can penetrate denim.

  15. Oh look, Idiot the Random Fag Basher has returned. Congratulations on your refusal to join the rest of us in adulthood. Now fuck right on off.

  16. It seems the messages about racial tolerance conveyed through Star Trek are lost on some.

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