June 21 2024


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New Trek Poster And Sticker Pack Released

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Fans of the shuttlecraft Galileo 7 seen in the original series Galileo Seven episode will be pleased with the release of a new poster and a sticker pack featuring the iconic shuttlecraft.

The poster and the sticker pack was designed and illustrated by artist Steve Thomas.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Steve Thomas,” says Charity Wood, Co-Founder of Bye Bye Robot. “His work has been established with other Sci-Fi franchises and we believe that Steve brings a wonderful and unique style to the Star Trek universe.”

The poster is a 1930’s-style WPA poster “recruiting” people to join the “Shuttle Crew Service,” and to “Explore New Worlds. Seek Out New Life. Support Tourism Within the Federation.”

16″ by 24″ in size, the Shuttle Crew Service poster has been printed on high quality heavy-weight 100lb acid-free paper. It will sell for $25.00.

The sticker pack features three 2.2″ x 3.6″ die cut vinyl stickers of the Galileo 7 shuttlecraft. This sticker pack will sell for $5.00.

The poster and stickers can be seen and ordered here.

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10 thoughts on “New Trek Poster And Sticker Pack Released

  1. Wait – am I confused or does that first sentence make no sense?

    The shuttlecraft was just named Galileo not Galileo 7. And the episode it appeared in was “The Galileo Seven” – not Arena.

  2. “The Galileo Seven” was supposed to be in reference to the number of crewmembers inside the Galileo at the time of “The Galileo Seven” incident. You are correct in stating the name of the shuttlecraft was just “Galileo”. Plus, you are also correct about it not being seen in the episode “Arena”.

  3. Obviously the company making this product doens’t know much about the series. The rocks are the famous Gorn Rock at Vasquez Rocks park, where part of the episode “Arena” was filmed. The Galileo shuttlecraft appeared in “The Galileo Seven” withthe planet scenes filmed on a sound stage.

  4. No, it’s your dumbass writer here. I know these episodes backwards and forwards and somehow I screwed up and said Arena.

    This is why one should always wait until one’s pain meds kick in before trying to write.

    At least you guys were kind..I only had a few comments.

    Sorry about the goof-up. I’m turning in my TOS card now….

  5. Yeah, they were just taking some artistic license and showing the Galileo flying above the Arena rock.

    The artist didn’t claim they were the same episode, in the original article. TBonz just confused by it and did in the article summary. 🙂

    However, the artist does claim that the planet is Cestus III, and THAT is incorrect as well. The “arena” planet wasn’t Cestus III, its just wherever they ended up after the chase after leaving Cestus III.

    Hey, we’re trekkies! We like to pick at nits!

  6. CBS is now allowing crap Photoshop FanArt to be sold for ridiculous prices… Gene R. is spinning in his grave…

  7. Give me a break. Gene R. would have done the same thing… How quickly you forget about Lincoln Enterprises. After all Star Trek IS and always has been a franchise.

    “Ah… It’s a profit deal!” Navin R. Johnson

  8. No… i didn’t forget…. I was a faithful purchaser of MANY of their products back in the day. And I can say that their products were made with LOVE. I still treasure getting to read Gene’s Magna 1 script… and have the Desiderata they sold as well… So, no – I don’t think Gene R would have done this product we see… The man even complained to Columbia House video when they added the station break bumpers on the first couple TNG videocassettes…

  9. Who’s to say that this was made without love? Do you know the artist or are you just simply bitter? Looking at Steve Thomas’s body of work, I’d say he’s quite talented and likes what he does because it shows in his style and technique. Is $25 really a ridiculous price for a well designed poster from an established poster artist? I don’t think so.

    I also don’t see how you can speak for Gene R… he did shoehorn the IDIC into season 3 of TOS (when he really wasn’t involved with production) just to sell it through LE…

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