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Star Trek Game Introduces The New Gorn

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Several days ago, the villain for the forthcoming Star Trek video game was announced, and today, players can see what the alien will look like.

One of the more painful aspects of the original series episode Arena, in which the Gorn was first seen, was the rather fake-looking Gorn, but in the new Star Trek game, the Gorn looks like a creature to be feared, not scorned.

In Star Trek, “Determined to conquer the galaxy, the Gorn returns as re-imagined versions of the classic Trek villains, infecting their foes with venom that can poison, cause hallucinations, and even kill. Ranging in size and abilities, the Gorn seed mayhem and destruction as they destroy populations and deplete planets of their resources.”

Click on the thumbnail to see a full-sized image of the Gorn.

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32 thoughts on “Star Trek Game Introduces The New Gorn

  1. I give up with abrams and go im sick of this re imagination off everything. Bring Back TNG!!!!!!

  2. That doesn’t look like a salient being. The Gorn ARE salient if warlike. An absolute ballsup this has been.

  3. How is this really any different than what Enterprise tried to show the Gorn as? I wish people would lighten up a bit. Do they flip out over the incredible range of ridges Klingons have over each series? From tiny bumps in TMP to huge peaks in STIII and TNG and relatively smoothed over ridges in TFF and TUC. I mean there has got to be some variety in each species. Look how humans come in varying shapes and sizes (not to mention intelligence). A little imagination wouldn’t kill anyone. This IS sci-fi, after all…

  4. Precisely. The Klingons changed completely between TOS and the movies. The Romulans changed between the movies and TNG. The Borg makeup continued to evolve right up through the end of Voyager. Heck, the Gorn from TOS is pretty different from the one that showed up on Enterprise.
    It even says it right in the article. “Ranging in size and abilities”
    In other words, Kirk got lucky that he had to fight one of the big, slow ones as opposed to a smaller but fast, agile and poisonous one.

  5. With this image, you can’t tell anything about the creature. All you see is a gaping maw. Can’t even tell if it is 2-legged. The tiny, red eyes suggest that THIS Gorn is a night-dweller and a meat-eater – not usually a good sign of a sentient species. Tho it’s hard to tell, the eyes seem to be spaced on the sides of the skull, which would not give this Gorn binocular vision – suggesting lack of sentience. Look at the long fingernails too. Can’t do industrial or even highly skilled work with long nails. Good for ripping flesh but that’s about it. This Gorn was created SOLELY for the scare-factor and nothing else. Ho-hum….

  6. Which makes some amount of sense if this is a member of a warrior or hunter caste/sub-species. It is only the first one we’ve seen. I’m reserving judgement until I see more.

  7. The only question I have, and the only question any true Trek fan should have is, is there going to be a level in the game that takes place on a meticulously rendered in-game version of the Vasquez Rocks?

  8. Doesn’t exactly look like an intelligent, space-faring species does it? Even if it’s in the Abrams universe, the events of the Trek movie couldn’t have altered the Gorn species’ evolution. Maybe he’s just doing the Gorn version of the Klingon death howl? In that shot, perhaps Kirk just stepped on a Gorn egg?

    Idk. I kind of blow off video game adaptations of television shows. More often than not they’re shopped to the cheapest developer that a studio can hire, resulting in yet another piece of crapware to fill the bargain bin at Gamestop. As far as I’m concerned, only the movies and the TV shows are canonical, so the rest of it’s just good, bad, or just plain awful fanfic.

  9. Damn JJ-Trek! This is so stupid. The Gorn are a sentient race, not a bunch of blood thirsty creatures out of “Jurassic Park.”

  10. There’s no reason there can’t be multiple species of ‘Gorn’ just as there are multiple species of humanoids if you think about it. While I will always prefer the original Gorn, it’s not impossible that on the gorn homeworld or worlds which we have never seen before, there could easily be as much variety of them as there were dinosaurs in Earth’s history. Why not? We don’t need to be limited. However, we should definitely not exclude the original. They are quite cool. It wouldn’t have taken much work to make one in 3d look more like the TOS Gorn but be able to move and act a little more fearsome. Perhaps they were nocturnal creatures or live in a much warmer climate than where the Gorn captain fought Kirk and so it was slow and half blinded. The Gorn in “In a Mirror Darkly” was very active in darkness, so that follows, doesn’t it? Maybe their star is a red dwarf and not as bright? How about some positive ideas for them instead of writing it off? Again, TOS rules, but there is room for more options in a reptilian species. I’m doing a fan film with TOS Gorns but there are other varieties right along with them so I’m going to do my part. Hopefully I’ll show what I’m talking about in a way that would honor the originals. — Ken, Starship Saladin

  11. As much as I would like things in the Star trek world to stay the same, change is inevitable and like humans, it needs to evolve. Resistance is futile!

  12. Is this new Gorn capable of flying a starship? The image is made to appeal to those who do not share the idea of Star Trek as a different and friendlier approach to exploring space. The makers of this game want blood showing and death, massive amounts of carnage will sell the game to kids who like killing things. AS far as SCi-FI goes, if this were really Star Trek. the federation would not try to go one on one with something so unintelligent and nasty by meeting it with a diplomatic touch. Send out a core of trigger happy military personnel with big guns and no thought to how many casualties are inflicted and make the teenagers happy. KLingon ridges are a look but how many klingons just drooled and opened their mouths so wide like a snake to bite and consume humans?

  13. These guys are probably sentient too. Just breaking out of the ‘man on two legs’ type of aliens, ala 8472s.

  14. “Doesn’t exactly look like an intelligent, space-faring species does it?”

    Well that’s becuase we’ve been conditioned by the budget/natures of TV shows. Normally it’s someone in a suit, so it’ll be bipedal and human like.

    Species 8472 gave us a glimpse of something different – and the Gorn will probably be similar.

  15. “Is this new Gorn capable of flying a starship?”

    Well the “destroy populations and deplete planets of their resources” wouldn’t go very well if they can’t get into space.

    As to killing things with phasers… yeah they never did that in TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT. Totally new.

  16. Well, not to be fussy, I didn’t really care for the design of 8472 either. I didn’t really connect with them as a species. But to each his or her own.

  17. Other than the game version presumably being a reptile, how exactly do you see them as being similar?

  18. I agree that the Gorn needed to be updated. But turned into yet another Jurassic Park wannabee, with no resemblance to the original whatsoever? This looks more like recent versions of Killer Croc than like any of the previous versions of the Gorn. Hell, even the version from Star Trek V looked more like it, despite MAJOR changes.
    In short this is half-ass lazy design work, much like most of the JJVerse. “It’s a whole new timeline so why bother?” Nuck that foise.

  19. Ken, go for it. Showing new designs along with the originals will definitely help the multiple-species concept gain some traction. It’s been used in many Trek novels and fan product, even proposed as a solution for the Klingon bump problem (“Northern” and “Southern” Klingons).
    The main objection I have to this redesign is that it pointlessly ignores what came before. It’s yet another designer pissing on something to make it theirs, with no real reason for it. This game Gorn looks like a rejected Lizard design.
    Too many production designers for JJTrek took the excuse of a new timeline to justify everything being totally different, and that just does not wash. A timeline divergence in the 2230’s does not justify a change in the evolution of an entire species.
    Your stated approach is to bring in the new while respecting and including the old, and I like that.

  20. Oh that would be so awesomely hilarious. Then have another level with the Rocks from a different angle. You could even have a Capellan or Dr. Soran step into scene, look really puzzled, then step out.

  21. I totally agree with you. 🙂 Fans are the only ones who really care. But we can fix what they break if we try hard enough.

  22. Too much Spiderman. We Gorn are an intelligent and sensitive species. You can tell by our gold lame outfits. In fact, the picture from TOS is old school, like the tighty whitey shorts worn by the NBA of that era. Now, our shorts are like ‘lil Wayne’s.

  23. Are you kidding? It’s playing to the lowest common denominator. Tomorrow’s world is run with zombies and military men who have no scruples or morals. Rape is a game and destruction is better that creation except when it comes to new weapons and the sky is forever cloudy dull and dismal.
    Star Trek had ideals and hope for the future. JJ is just trying to make a buck by playing up the violence side of life but he is not recreating Star Trek. I wonder why he even calls it star trek.

  24. What a relief to hear that I am not the only one to hate JJ’s trek… I personally called it “Star Trash”. And this is just the kind of thing that really makes me wonder where the hell are the writers of TNG and DS9… I mean… really, to try and make the Gorn turn from a sentient reptilian species to a bunch of Komodo Dragon “monsters”? And they think this will be a great success? Really?

    That’s just what we’ve been complaining about – “Arena” was a classic episode about the fear of the unknown, leave it to those “I wanna be JJ Abrahams” idiots to turn the whole idea into a “monster of the week” kind of nonsense. So what if they looked ugly and unrealistic back in the Sixties? That’s not important… the idea behind them was great and should be respected!

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