June 18 2024


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14 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Trailer

  1. Wow, what’s the scene at 0:11 – 0:13?

    And please tell me it’s not still 4×3?

  2. Yes, it’s still 4:3 because that’s the format in which it was filmed. In order to convert it to 16:9 they would had to have cropped it and cut off part of the picture. I’m fine with the original format.

  3. Why do people not understand that a show filmed in 4:3, at a time when 4:3 was the standard, can not be easily switched to 16:9? In order to make it work, the screen image would have to be cropped, chopped, and fiddled with to prevent people from seeing off screen cameras, lighting equipment, set edges, and production staff who were outside the safe zones of the camera framing. If it had been filmed in the mid-nineties, they likely could have planned and protected for 16:9 by staging their shots with extended safe zones…but this was 1987. The show is what it is. If people want 16:9, then they can use the zoom options on their wide screen TV’s.

  4. I’m assuming it was shot on film (if it was shot on video where’s the “HD” coming from?) and thus has more width to play with.

    You can’t “zoom” 4×3 without throwing stuff away or distorting the picture, you can use previously cropped footage

  5. 4:3 / 16:9 blah!

    I want to know why a trailer for an HD presentation of a show is on Youtube at 480 max resolution…


  6. What it was shot on is irrelevant, it has to do with how the shots were framed. For most television, they don’t shoot wide and then crop; they shoot in 4:3, the way the shows are going to be viewed. I’m sorry they didn’t have more foresight, but, there it is.

  7. If this were less than $50, then I would seriously consider buying it. $80, however, is too much. I’ll get them off Netflix.

  8. Too much time in this trailer spent on fades and giving us things to read instead of things to see. This tease is a futile waste of time.

  9. AGREED! While it’s impressive in 480, we need the full HD for sock-knocking effect. Make it so!

  10. Rather strange that the trailer for an HD product isn’t in HD itself but only 480… 🙂

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