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Star Trek: Infinite Space Game Cancelled

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Fans waiting for the release of Star Trek: Infinite Space will have to find another game, as the free-to-play Trek game has been officially cancelled.

The cancellation is not totally a surprise, as the game, set to debut last fall, was delayed and in addition, developer Gameforge laid off one hundred employees.

“Since autumn 2011 we made many efforts to find a publishing and marketing partner for Star Trek: Infinite Space,” said Gameforge. “Unfortunately, our efforts were not successful. So we have decided with a heavy heart to finally abandon the project Star Trek: Infinite Space. The discontinuation is very regrettable. Unfortunately it happens from time to time that a good concept for a game cannot be implemented as originally planned.”

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19 thoughts on “Star Trek: Infinite Space Game Cancelled

  1. Thank God… I am so sick of these supposed Star Trek fans cum businessmen thinking that Star Trek is about space battles and pontificating Admirals… It is so weird that in my lifetime I have watched Star Trek and Star Wars switch roles… Trek is now space battles and cardboard characters and Wars is about the human condition… Gene R is definitely rolling over in his grave…

  2. *throws it on the pile of other cancelled Star Trek games*

    *sees ‘Secret of Vulcan Fury’*

    *wipes tear*

  3. So you want a video game about relationships and the living condition? How would that “play” out? Seems to me too have a “game” there would have to be some type of action.
    You could do a quest/exploration game but it would be hard to sell without some fast pace action.

  4. Why would it be a hard sell? Why cater to idiots who can’t think and only want big explosions. Puzzle games and/or quest which require thought are quite popular… and have been around for a long time. If the media can sell an idiot like Kim Kardashian – it wouldn’t be too hard a sell for this…

  5. The old Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and TNG: A Final Unity PC games were somewhat less action-driven than they were interaction- and exploration-driven, but they were still very successful. A balance is possible, just the way that Trek TV is an action-adventure show that of course manages plenty of other things.

  6. I’d like to see a Riker/Troi USS Titan game. Frakes and Sirtis would probably be more than happy to do the voice work for it. It could carry on the story from the end of Nemesis.

  7. Alas, interaction and exploration don’t seem to sell anymore. Apparently the all-important, crucial male 10-14 Poke’mon-buying crowd thinks any game that isn’t solvable by massive violence and bloodshed is “girly” and “for fags”.

  8. Unfortunately the idiots are a key buying demographic in this country. See Mike Judge’s 2005 documentary on the subject.
    And besides, Kim Kardashian has tits. Tits sell.

  9. I agree with Guest. And your assertion that they don’t sell anymore is not valid. They just aren’t sold because they don’t “think” they’ll sell. When has marketing ever been anything other than what they “want” to sell instead of what “could” sell.

  10. I disagree. People love things like Zelda and Mass Effect, and the best Star Trek games were action/RPG. I’ll point to the 25th anniversary PC games, 25th anniversary NES game, and TNG Future’s Past for SNES. All great games with story using action as a supplement. Everything past 2000 or so has just been starship combat. It’s ridiculous. As much as I want the new console Trek game to be good, I get the sinking feeling that it will be Gears of Trek with certain gaming tropes with a superficial Trek gloss (like the “radar” will be the “tricorder,” etc.). It’s a damn shame.

  11. This is a false dilemma, darn it. I demand games that have exploration, puzzles, understanding the unfamiliar, strong story, character development, original ideas, some hot chicks in miniskirts, and also cool fistfights and space battles that get resolved in an uplifting way. Not only can this be done, I think it’s been done by Star Trek! So I’ll keep the faith. 🙂

  12. Well it’s a bit of a shame, speaking for Trek fans who have always been on Macs – we got a small smattering of Trek ports but of all the space combat games only “Starfleet Academy” made it to Mac! I would have loved to try out “Klingon Academy” or even “Legacy” or “Bridge Commander” or “Online” without all the hoops of using Wine etc.
    I agree the perfect Trek game that is both cutting edge technology and an accurate portrayal of the Trek universe’s complexity is still waiting to be made. “A Final Unity” had the right tone and problem solving component, but it was not exactly revolutionary even when it came out.
    I would say “DS9 The Fallen” is the best Trek game ever made, even if it lacks Avery Brooks and Colm Meaney’s voices. It has a good story, lots of fun things to explore and great action that does at least mix up investigating, puzzles and espionage with phaser fights with Cardassians, Jem’Hadar and new enemies. “Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force” is a close second. The elite security team is a little cheat to let it be all about the action, but it’s a big kick to explore Voyager’s decks and interact with the characters voiced by their actors. You get to fight Borg, Hirogen, Species 8472 Malon and even mirror universe Klingons and TOS-era humans – such a thrill, and it’s well-written to boot.

  13. You do know that the previous Infinite Space games were more about exploration and discovery than about space battles, right?

  14. That would be 25th Anniversary, which is sorely missed. (Uhura wore a miniskirt through the whole game. I kept waiting for her to cross her legs.)

  15. I wasn’t disagreeing with Guest, I was attempting to be ironic. (Fail, I know. Must be the forehead ridges.)
    I know all too well that what gets sold is very much at the mercy of what the alien marketing overlords think will sell.

  16. Forehead ridges tend to reduce irony for sure… 😉 I guess I’m just bitter over the change in Star Trek over the last 15 years. We would not have Star Trek today if it wasn’t for us Trekkies in the 70s who clung to the show. And what us 70s Trekkies fell in love with was the positive message of the show and it’s posit that man is a good noble creature in the end. Out of the 79 original series episodes – how many had ship to ship fights between either Romulans or Klingons… very few actually. The show was about encountering new life forms and our reactions to them.

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