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Trek Fans Break Costume World Record

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Star Trek fans showed up in costume at a Star Trek convention last weekend to help break the world’s record for largest-ever gathering of people in Star Trek-related costumes.

It was only two months ago in Las Vegas that fans gathered in costume and broke the last record, but it appears that the Destination Star Trek London fans have surpassed that number.

Destination Star Trek London has claimed that 1,083 fans dressed up at their event, which would beat the record set by the 1,040 Trek fans at a convention inVegas last August.

There were plenty of TNG costumes, but some fans made a special effort for the contest. Mark Whitfield came as a mugato from the original series’ A Private Little War. “It looks silly; it’s just a gorilla suit painted white with horns on it,” he said, obviously regretting his choice of costume. “It’s very, very hot. In fact, I was on the verge of collapse when a very kind person gave me a bottle of water because I dehydrated quite badly.”

Dawn Harris gave the male fans a treat, appearing as an Orion slave girl, complete with green skin. “There just hasn’t been a convention in the UK for so long,” she said. “So I think everyone wants to be involved in everything as much as they can. Everybody saw that guy jump out of a plane [Felix Baumgartner] in space so people are drawn to things like that.”

The record will first need to be confirmed by Guinness World Records before Destination Star Trek London can claim the record for most Star Trek fans in costume in one place.

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6 thoughts on “Trek Fans Break Costume World Record

  1. Jealous much? I was one of those in costume and I’m from the US by the way. The fans at the convention were friendly, respectful and fun. No one was bashed – very much in the spirit of IDIC. Don’t like that? Your loss, John.

  2. You visited a Star Trek daily news site and commented twice on an article about Trek cosplayer. If what they do makes them losers in your book, I am pretty sure you aren’t a winner in that book either.

  3. One correction to the article: The Vegas world record was broken 14 months ago, not 2 months ago. The most recent attempt in Vegas two months ago fell short of the previous year’s record by about 200 people. The 1040 record was established at STLV 2011, not 2012… Shame, that… 🙁

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