April 12 2024


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New Trek-Themed T-Shirts

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More t-shirts featuring the original series art of Juan Ortiz have been released, joining the eight shirts previously announced.

The shirts formerly announced include: Dagger of the Mind, The City on the Edge of Forever, The Ultimate Computer, The Way to Eden, Charlie X, The Balance of Terror, And the Children Shall Lead and Wink of an Eye.

The new shirts include ones based on the following episodes: The Alternative Factor, Catspaw, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield and the popular The Trouble With Tribbles.

Each shirt, made of 100% cotton sells for $25.00 and comes in sizes ranging from S-XXXL. The Trouble With Tribbles shirt comes in two colors, black and white; The Alternative Factor shirt comes in gray and purple.

On the Welovefine website, Ortiz described his thought process for creating each shirt. For The Trouble With Tribbles, he said, “Despite (the fact) that dozens of Tribbles are poisoned, this is an off-beat, light-hearted, maybe even comedic episode. So I thought about some of the movie comedies that I like from the 60s, like It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, where everyone is just having a ball.”

The shirts can be purchased here. New shirts will be released each month up through early 2014.

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