April 25 2024


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Star Trek: The Middle School Musical

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A new video shows Star Trek as performed as a musical by middle schoolers.

Exploring strange new worlds with the original series crew was never like this! See pint-sized performers show their take on the classic series.

In Star Trek: The Middle School Musical, Spock sings about Vulcan logic (and tap-dance too!), the crew transports down to the surface of a planet, a redshirt security guard bemoans his impending fate, and Kirk takes on the Gorn.

If they had had plays like this when I was in middle school, I’d have joined the drama club back then!

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Middle School Musical

  1. Oh gods that’s funny. That’s more respectful than Star Trek into Plagiarism and better acting than anything Farragut Films has ever produced.

  2. Who are those kids? Great singing and comedic timing! Fascinatingly clever.

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