June 13 2024


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Four New Ortiz Trek Prints

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With the arrival of a new month comes the news of new original series art prints by Juan Ortiz.

The prints for July include: The Devil in the Dark, Tomorrow is Yesterday, Whom Gods Destroy, and The Lights of Zetar.

Ortiz explained the motivation behind this month’s posters. For The Devil in the Dark, Ortiz’s favorite of this batch, instead of showing the Horta, he showed the results of a Horta attack. “For the sake of those that had never seen the episode, I did not want to show the Horta on the poster,” said Ortiz. “As I re-watched The Devil in the Dark, the smoldering imprint of a man left on the ground made for a powerful image. It’s reminiscent of the ‘shadows’ left behind by the bombs dropped on Japan.”

Another poster, Tomorrow is Yesterday, was portrayed as a magazine. “It didn’t start out as a magazine cover, but the design led me in that direction,” said Ortiz. “It was fun to imagine myself back in 1967 designing a magazine cover with the term Trekkies on it. Trekkies were new back then, so it was nice to finally include them in this poster set. Originally, the blurb on the bottom read, ‘Are The Beatles Time Travelers?’ It may have been a copyright issue, so we went instead with the moon-landing question.”

The set of four prints sells for $34.95, and can be pre-ordered here.

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