June 15 2024


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Klingon Postcards At Comic-Con

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Star Trek fans attending the San Diego Comic-Con this week will be able to obtain Klingon-themed postcards, courtesy of StarTrek.com.

The four postcards feature artwork by Juan Ortiz.

Each postcard will depict one of the “Great Houses” of the Klingon Empire; Mogh, Kor, Duras, and Martok.

To find out more about how to get the postcards, follow StarTrek.com at Twitter (@StarTrek).

Larger prints of the designs can be purchased via StarTrek.com, and those attending Comic-Con can grab a mini-poster featuring all four designs by stopping at the CBS Interactive booth (#4245).

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3 thoughts on “Klingon Postcards At Comic-Con

  1. I wonder how much postage to Quonos is. And does the post office take gold-pressed latinum?
    Now that I’m thinking about it, has whatever economic system the Klingons use ever been mentioned? I can’t remember if it was ever dealt with, beyond simple bartering as in the last episode of Voyager.

  2. Postage in the prime universe: 314 DarSeqmey =~ 91 1/2 bars gold-pressed latinum =~ 665 lek 38,000,000 quatloos =~ 1.1 kilos antimatter =~ 1546 cubits =~ 158 gil =~ 998 crindars =~ 16,200,000 woolongs =~ 527 zenny =~ 224 New Yen =~ 17 Triganic Pu and 3 Ningi =~ 801,246 bottlecaps=~ 302 AM$ =~ 60,000 $$ =~ =~ 38 grams melange =~ 78 fistsful of dollars =~.17 of an Orion slave girl =~14 kilos Highland mind powder and a boot to the head. Federatiion credits and Visa not accepted.

    Postage in the Abramsverse: Free with any purchase. Why not? Or, you can transport your ass clear across the galaxy and deliver it your damn self.

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