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Star Trek Into Darkness DVD/Blu-ray Art

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The box art for the forthcoming Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD Star Trek into Darkness sets has been released.

Star Trek into Darkness on Blu-ray and DVD will be released September 10, with the digital version to debut on August 20.

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13 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness DVD/Blu-ray Art

  1. That cover explains some of the problems… not remotely all of them, but some of them… namely that Uhura shouldn’t be this central… and Zoe Saldana is no Nichelle Nichols.

  2. Indeed she is not, though her Uhura is self-reliant, determined and intelligent, which is probably why Nichelle gave he blessing.
    But… no, Nichelle was so gorgeous.
    Possibly best Uhura line ever: “Aha! A fair maiden!” “Sorry; neither.”
    But that is all beside the point. No, if there are three crew members on the cover, and one is Kirk, and the other Spock, then anyone who gives a good goddamn about Trek knows the third face is McCoy’s. Diversity appeal be hanged. If you are that tetchy about diversity and political correctness, put McCoy AND Uhura AND Carol Marcus AND Sulu, since no one in the JJVerse apparently gives a flying fuck for either Christine Chapel (who would be engaged to Roger Corby, but old enough to be in the damn film) or Number One, who’s been studiously ignored since The Menagerie was released, or Janice Rand (though to be fair, I think she’d be like 12 here, not that Fratboy Kirk cares).
    Alright, alright, I know. Time to take my morning dose.

  3. You know, the lack of Number One or anyone else as anything to Pike sort of diminishes him… as does most of this universe with most of what we know.

  4. No, you’re on to something—Number One was interesting, and the choice not to revisit her was a missed opportunity. This probably has as much to do with the fact that the term is so heavily associated with Riker now as with anything else.

  5. I will resolve not to buy, and then crack about a week after release, only to regret my lack of willpower. This film was drivel.

  6. But she’s COOL! And HIP! And she kicks ASS! And people that personify that are what draws the Dain Bread to JJ Trek. Maybe one day we’ll get a real Star Trek movie again

  7. According to obdurate morons like you trapped in the past unwilling to progress (and who are also refusing to see how the new movies have brought a whole new generation to the Star Trek franchise), yes, Zoe’s not Uhura. But to me (and others NOT trapped in the past like you), she is. Take a break from Star Trek and the Internet, and get a life, as Shatner once said.

  8. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Uhura being front and center to people like you is proof that you and the other old obdurated assholes here are racist, but I’ll just chalk it up to being old and out of it, and also inconsequential in the grand scheme of things as far as Star Trek’s concerned. So, keep being a bunch of racist obdurate morons stuck in the past, you fuckos; the rest of us will go on without you.

  9. And if I didn’t know anyetter, I’d say your reply is one of a 30 year old liberal boy, still stuck in his mommys basement, unable to get a girlfriend, a job or a life. That’s usually the earmark of the speices known as “liberals”. Perhaps instead of calling everyone “racists” because they pointed out that a minor character should not be gracing a movie cover the way the big three should, you could get out of the recliner, get off the food stamps and/or other government assistance and become a productive part of society. Just a suggestion.

  10. I see how it brought people to Star Trek… Stupid people that don’t have two braincells to rub together and who will be gone as soon as the franchise returns to anything but explosions and needless near nude scenes.

    And I don’t dislike Zoe Saldana as Uhura just to dislike her. I dislike her because they’ve turned a very independent, self-assured woman who was always in basic control of herself into a manipulative bitch who comes off as little more than a nag, and certainly a distraction…. but, of course, that isn’t possibly the case since Spock is portrayed as being by the book, right? I mean, he turned Kirk in during STD because he let those natives see the Enterprise!!!!!! Never mind the fact that they had already jointly broken the Prime Directive by interfering with the volcano in the first place… and let’s forget how distracted Uhura makes Spock and forget that it wouldn’t be allowed to happen within the chain of command… but, then again, they seem to make cadets Captains of the Federation’s flagship, so that’s hardly the most stupid aspect of this Starfleet… but, I’m glad your simple mind was pleased by it all.

  11. Agreed with AirSarge there completely… But I will add, one of my complaints about the TNG movies was always that they took an ensemble and turned it into the Picard and Data show… the lack of Geordi is one of the biggest issues with that film group… And Sisko is, by far, my favorite Captain, but, somehow, because I don’t think the minor character of the communications officer should drive the only actual connection we have to these people for two movies, when none of it is enticing or believable, I’m a racist… Good to know, I guess.

  12. When was the original Uhura independent or self-assured? Saying ‘Captain, I’m frightened’, fixing a transmitter, and being used as bait to supply misdirection to androids doesn’t qualify (the only time she was was on The Animated Series episode ‘The Lorelei Signal’.) I’m sorry, but Uhura in the movies and comic books, by virtue of what she’s accomplished, has outclassed the original.

  13. She stood up to Khan in Space Seed. She was extremely self-assured and quite competent in Search for Spock, among many other instances… and let’s not forget the fan dance in The Final Frontier… Let’s see Zoe Saldana pull that off 30 years from NOW.

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