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Star Trek Into Darkness Weekend Box Office

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The box office results for this weekend have been released and Star Trek into Darkness is holding its own.

Star Trek into Darkness finished in the top ten for the weekend.

The top ten movies were:

  • Monsters University. $46.2 million. $171 million total.
  • The Heat. $40 million. $40 million total.
  • World War Z. $29.8 million. $132 million total.
  • White House Down. $25.7 million. $25.7 million total.
  • Man of Steel. $20.8 million. $248.6 million total.
  • This is the End. $8.7 million. $74.6 million total.
  • Now You See Me. $5.5 million. $104.6 million total.
  • Fast & Furious 6. $2.4 million. $233.3 million total.
  • Star Trek into Darkness. $2 million. $220.5 million total.
  • The Internship. $1.4 million. $41.7 million total.

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19 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness Weekend Box Office

  1. Holding it’s own? I think you mean clinging on for dear life! Going into this next week, it will be out of the Top Ten and never heard from again! (On Box Office charts that is.)

  2. Aaaand buh-bye. What part didn’t you understand, JJ? The “Buh” or the “Bye”? Buh-bye!

  3. It’s been out for almost two months. That’s more than most films!

  4. It’s doing all right. It’s in the black. I just wish they hadn’t waited so long to make it. The gap between the films was longer than the entire run of TOS. I’m a lifelong Trek fan AND I dig some of Abrams’ work (especially Trek ’09 and Fringe); but even I got tired of waiting, and wasn’t anticipating this all that much by the time it came out. If there’s going to be another one set in this universe, they’d better not wait another four years to give it to us.

  5. I hear ya. I was really looking forward to it but by the time it finally released, I found I wasn’t quite as excited to see it. However, I still really enjoyed it and hope the next film comes out sooner than four years from now!

  6. Star Trek (2009) cost $150 million and grossed $385 million worldwide. Star Trek ID cost $190 million and has a worldwide gross of $438 million, currently. ST ID has done better than the 2009 film, but not by a huge amount. The production costs listed here also do not count advertising costs, which are considerable. Overall, the film has been successful. However, if I was an exec at Paramount, I think I would cut the budget back for the next film to the $150 million range. Maybe that will also make the writers think more about the story than giving us a spectacle.

  7. Maybe I gave them too much credit? It was probably something like “let’s have the Enterprise fall out of the Moon’s orbit and into Earth’s atmosphere even though the distance covered is about 250,000 miles.” (And why did they need main power for the thrusters?)
    Oops! I gave them too much credit again!

  8. How about that Earth and Qo’nos are apparently about 5 minutes away from each other at warp speed now?

  9. And since when could a starship not chase another ship at warp? (Did they get Star Trek & Star Wars mixed up?)

  10. I was very excited for this film, but what a disappointment, I have an annual CIneworld pass so i could effectively see it for ‘free’ as many times as I wanted, I managed to sit through it twice. I was very critical of people slamming it before it was released but unfortunately for all of us, they were right and I was wrong. This movie failed to deliver on pretty much every level and I am gutted. I cant take another one of these. Right now I cant think of a single scene I’d like to see again.

  11. Whilst i agree with the point you make, I can stomach a few inconsistencies if the story is good enough, in this case the story was not good enough, it was nonsense. Continuity errors pale into insignificance when you have a script that simply doesnt make any sense from a character or narrative perspective. This was the star trek film equivelent of Attack of the Clones.

  12. After the first movie people somewhat forgave the ridiculous science. After the second, should we? Particularly when they decided to take some of the most ridiculous of the ridiculous science from that first movie and make it a key, though shocking bizarre plot point of this second instalment… I mean, if Khan knew that Marcus’ plan was to manufacture and precipitate a war with the Klingons, and he wanted to stick it to Marcus, why did he basically give him cover to do just that by going to the Klingon homeworld in the first place? And then to have them not able to track at warp, be 5 minutes away from Earth at warp, and then have gravity pull in Enterprise from near the moon? At what point do we realize that this really was just a big demo reel for the science fantasy, Star Wars, that JJ really wanted to do? Because this is science fantasy far more than science fiction. I don’t demand that it all work like real physics or anything like that, but some things are just really, really dumb and Star Trek isn’t about being dumb… well… it wasn’t. So, my complaint has nothing to do with the continuity of this Star Trek and old Star Trek sciencewise, but in this particular conversation has everything to do with them presenting something that is just too damn dumb.

  13. I agree with the points you make, and I agree with your rationale above. My point is simply that before we even get to the internal physics of the star trek universe there are much more fundamental flaws in terms of storytelling per se.
    1, I do not care about any of the characters,
    2, The ‘plot’ does not make any sense
    3, The characters motivations make no sense
    4, The sequence of events does not make sense
    5, The film apes a better earlier installment instantly breaking the 4th wall and making you wish that was the movie you were watching instead
    6, Many core characters are barely in the film (Sulu/Chekov especially)
    7, The film simply repeats many set pieces from the previous effort
    Other valid questions like Why is Carol Marcus in the movie, why doesnt Bones use one of the other Supermen to heal Kirk? Why does Khan Travel to Kronos? Why does Khan hide his men why not wake them up? Why is Bones experimenting on Tribbles in a crisis situation? etc etc are, in isolation, ‘overlookable’ if the film as a whole is cohesive, in this instance the film is pretty much ONLY made up of ‘overlookable’ forgettable and nonesensical moments meaning it not only breaks with the accepted conventions of storytelling, but also lesser (but not unimportant) rules like Star Trek universe internal physics as well.

  14. This is the backstory of STID

    Khan is found and woken from sleep by Admiral Marcus – so
    far so good

    Khan is employed by Admiral Marcus to design starships and weapons,
    on account of his… savagery… err OK

    Khan agrees to this, and works with Marcus for at least 12
    months constructing the USS Vengeance

    Khan, for reasons unknown, between design sessions,
    requirements gathering, materials requisition, testing phases & starship
    construction inexplicably decides that actually he can’t trust Marcus

    Khan, in the middle of Section 31, Starfleet’s top secret
    spy organisation, then accesses and hides his 72 crew in experimental torpedoes
    he is making (sounds like a safe place to hide your “family”), he must have
    carried those cryotubes around very quietly to avoid detection and who knew
    that torpedoes, especially long range ones, had so much wasted space in them,
    like 95% of the torpedo is just empty space.

    Marcus, on learning Khan has hidden his crew, immediately discovers
    them and then leads Khan to believe that his crew have been killed on his
    orders (seems weird, you’d think the fracturing relationship between Marcus and
    Khan would be best held together with a bit of good old fashioned blackmail by
    holding khan’s crew hostage, not pretending you’ve killed the only asset you
    have? And in the process giving an Adolf Hitler genetic superman nothing to
    lose) It is also odd that Marcus’s ruthlessness when dealing with the
    Enterprise wasn’t there when dealing with the crew of the Botany Bay?
    This deception is the last straw for Khan who, without any actual
    evidence of his crew’s deaths, goes rogue, although he still wears his
    Starfleet uniform. He blows up a secret installation for the express purpose of
    convening a meeting. It seems Khan’s been busy learning 300 years of technology
    and intricate, little used Starfleet protocols as well.

    To Khan the meeting being called is important because it gives him the chance
    to kill Marcus with a machine gun helicopter (this was his best and only chance
    to get to Marcus?). Failing to do this, he just kept missing the target, he
    then flees to Quonos using a magic transporter that surely could have been used to… capture Marcus?.

    That back story makes no dramatic sense and no logical
    sense, It doesnt fit with the character of Khan and it doesnt fit with the ideals of the chief of Starfleet

  15. Other holes include:

    Why is McCoy experimenting on Tribbles during a crisis situation?
    Why is Carol Marcus in the movie?
    Why did Khan hide his men in torpedoes, why not wake them up?
    Why did Starfleet seek the expertise of a 300 year old popsicle for ship building and
    tactics? (that’s a quote from the film!)
    Why would seeing the USS Vengeance convince Kirk that Khan was right to bomb people?
    Why does Spock yell “Khaaaan”, its Marcus who has disabled the Enterprise?
    What advice did old Spock give young Spock? The scene made no sense it existed solely
    because Nimoy was available and willing to do the cameo. In TWOK Kirk didn’t
    deliberately give Khan the genesis device, Khan stole it?
    Why is Carol Marcus in this movie?
    What was the point of the demotion, reinstatement?
    Why can’t Dr McCoy use the blood of one of the other 72 supermen?
    Why didn’t section 31 create an identity for John Harrison that stretched back longer than
    12 months?
    Why did Khan beam to Quonos?
    Why is Khan so convinced his crew are dead?
    What exactly caused the breakdown of the Khan/Marcus relationship?
    If we can beam from one planet to another why do we have starships at all?
    Why does the damaged part of the Enterprise look like something from Galaxy Quest?
    Why is Carol Marcus in this movie?
    Why is the Enterprise under water on Nibiru and not in orbit?
    Didn’t landing the Enterprise in the water in the first place attract any attention
    from the natives?
    Why can we can beam from one planetary system to another but we can’t beam from a volcano
    to a starship next door?
    Why does it only take 5 minutes to warp to Quonos now?
    Why didn’t Khan beam to the USS vengeance where he would have the resources to wreak his revenge on Marcus?

  16. It also begs the question: If Khan thought his men were dead, why did he give up when Kirk revealed he had the torpedoes? Surely, Khan didn’t think Marcus had destroyed the torpedoes in order to kill his men, right? So, what would the existence of the torpedoes do other than confirm the existence of the torpedoes?

    As an aside, how often is Bones injecting random shit into other random shit?

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