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Netflix To Keep Streaming Trek

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CBS Corporation and Netflix, Inc. announced that they have extended a deal that gave Netflix access to select CBS library content, including Star Trek.

The original two-year deal was set to expire this year.

“We are delighted to be bringing these much-loved series to our members in the U.S.,” said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix. “Our goal is to give Netflix members a broad mix of engaging shows to watch, and we look forward to adding even more high-profile titles from CBS in the near future.”

Five televised Star Trek series were included in the original deal.

Other shows in the agreement include both new additions; such as L.A. Complex, 4400 and CSI:NY; as well as shows that had already been available, such as Jericho, Medium, Twin Peaks and Flashpoint.

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28 thoughts on “Netflix To Keep Streaming Trek

  1. Glad to hear that TREK will still be on NETFLIX. Love the TOS, it is the best, It is what Gene Roddenberry envisioned TREK to be.

  2. Got to keep the US happy forget about the rest of the world. What UK netflix has pales in comparison to what is on US netflix.

  3. And?

    Let’s review. Desilu was a US television studio. It was purchased by Paramount, a US film studio. Paramount was later purchased by Viacom, a US based media conglomerate. Viacom eventually divided back into two entities, Paramount’s side for film and CBS’s side for the television rights… both US entertainment companies. Then, Netflix decided to engage CBS in a contract… Netflix also being an American company…

    If you want something and the companies in your country aren’t providing them, it’s undoubtedly because your country doesn’t want to pay to license them. Not my fault. Not my country’s fault. It’s your fault, your country’s fault, and the fault of the corporations in said country that aren’t doing what needs to be done in order to secure the rights to the shows you apparently want to watch. Cry me a river.

    Do you think I can go to the BBC’s website and watch Doctor Who streaming like you can? Not a chance… OH! POOR ME!!!! MEAN, DASTARDLY UK!!!!

    Get a grip… Lobby UK Netflix to get what you want… but don’t sit there and blame my country for not giving our products to your country for free and on a whim. You don’t, why should we?

    Oh, that’s right… You’re European… Definition: Wants America and Americans to do everything for them, but then wants to trash, bash, and complain about every aspect of American culture, up to and including the very warmongering that kept them safe for the last three score years. My bad.

  4. Jeezus, is it that necessary to be so harsh and condescending with your reply?

  5. Oh good! With Netflix on my phone, I can catch up on episodes I missed while on the toilet.

  6. When the comment I’m replying to is basically accusing my country of some conspiracy to bilk or deprive the rest of the world, when, in fact, it’s a deficiency of himself and his country? And they do the same in reverse? The short answer is yes.

  7. I meant no offence to America, what I was against was Netflix
    accepting equal payment from Europe but providing vastly less content.

    you wish to take offence that is your prerogative. I feel no ill will to you or
    your country.

  8. International licensing fees are what you have an issue with, then. Netflix sells its service, here or anywhere else, based on its library. The idea that they’re being stingey, rather than realistically sticking to their business model and providing content they can afford and have purchased, is kind of silly, isn’t it? What incentive do they have to provide a disappointing level of content to a certain market were everything equal? They wouldn’t have one… Which means, either it’s a conspiracy, or everything isn’t equal… International licensing and distribution is a different animal than domestic distribution. Oftentimes, to save money on productions, a studio will license the international rights to a different studio entirely… and when these films go into the home video market, the rentals can be a labyrinthine pay structure, and many programs get caught in the middle. If they could have every program they have streaming in the US on Netflix streaming in the UK for the same money, they’d be doing it… Why wouldn’t they, they’d likely sell more subscriptions.

  9. It’s easy enough to get access to the US Netflix from outside the US if you really feel the need or can’t get a copy of the particular shows/movies you’re missing out on in your country. I live in Canada watch the US version of Netflix through a VPN.

  10. Awesome!! Star Trek is one of the only reasons I use Netflix streaming. It generally sucks with its offerings but I guess that has to do with people who own the properties more than Netflix.

  11. Maybe someone will finally fix the TOS episode “Obsession,” which shows the un-remastered version, or the episodes “The Immunity Syndrome,” “Bread and Circuses,” and “The Tholian Web,” which show the CGI Enterprise shots in a 16:9 aspect ratio rather than the proper 4:3 ratio. Or put the English subtitles in “Star Trek III” for the Klingon dialogue!

  12. More crap from the master American turd. What do you expect by a xenophobic stupid bigot?
    You show your true colours here, dogpoo,

  13. I’m hardly xenophobic, but I’m also not stupid. I realize who controls production and distribution, and don’t hold those who aren’t in control of such accountable for the decisions of said such… I know… too reasonable for you, Kiwicunt. My bad.

  14. Your a stinking American turd dogpoo, and I here to just point that out. Right, wrong, your opinion is completely putrid garbage, especially your current exampled xenophobic bigoted outburst and ginormous ego. “I’m not wrong” shows it perfectly, dogpoo.
    (It is no wonder that most consider ugly America as just a bunch exploitative scum sucking dry anyone they please and doing anything they please. I.e. Mexico, Chile, etc.)

  15. “Your a stinking American turd dogpoo, and I here to just point that out. Right, wrong, your opinion is completely putrid garbage, especially your current exampled xenophobic bigoted outburst and ginormous ego. “I’m not wrong” shows it perfectly, dogpoo.
    (It is no wonder that most consider ugly America as just a bunch exploitative scum sucking dry anyone they please and doing anything they please. I.e. Mexico, Chile, etc.)”

    Hmmmmm… I thought they spoke English in your country? Is New Zealand’s education system run by a herd of sheep?

    First, yeah, I’m not going to stand by while anyone suggests, implies, or outright states something wrong about my country in a negative capacity. I will correct it. And when I correct it, I usually try not to be wrong. Here, I am certainly not wrong… and it certainly isn’t Netflix of the United States depriving content to the rest of the world in some master scheme to defraud everyone… But, I don’t know why I’m even bothering. As you say, “Right, wrong, your opinion is completely putrid,” which means you’re just being a dick to be a dick… but I’m the putrid one. Nice logic, Kiwi.

    And, Mexico can hardly have any room to suggest we’re sucking them dry when we have 13,000,000 of their citizens sucking off our tit, moron.

    But seriously, isn’t it time to round up your herd of school teachers for class?

  16. Your a conceited American turd, doopoo.
    (Plainly so fracken stupid, that you still don’t get it.)

  17. Baaaaaah… [cough]

    I mean, you are… You plus are. The second person of the verb to be… It can be contracted. You plus are becomes: You’re.

    Okay, so, now, what was it that I’m not getting? What a pointless prick you are? No, I got it.

  18. I wonder if they subtitle the Vulcan scenes in Wrath of Khan… Interesting trivia tidbit about those, watch Spock and Saavik’s lips while they give the dialogue… it was actually recorded in English, but they did a great job of mashing it up tonally while retaining the mouth movements, I think.

  19. Star Trek II does have the Vulcan subtitles. I knew that about that scene. In fact it seems kind of noticeable to me, since I already know.

  20. Look at me, look at me, look at me. That’s how you seem to me and everyone else, dogpoo!

  21. Says the guy who has to follow-up every comment I have on this site with his own little attempt at witty banter… I talk about Star Trek, you talk about me… Who is the one in desperate need of some attention?

  22. If you’re going to edit your hardly English into barely English, you should do the same with all the posts…. One you’re doesn’t make up for a sea of yours.

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