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Trek Girls Shirt

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A new shirt from WeLoveFine honors female Star Trek fans.

The shirt, Trek Girls Do It Better, debuted at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Designed by the women of Team Unicorn (http://www.teamunicornftw.com), the shirts feature women from all of the Star Trek series, including: Jadzia Dax, Seven of Nine, Lt. Uhura, Deanna Troi, and T’Pol.

Made of 100% cotton, the Trek Girls Do It Better shirt comes in women’s sizes small through XXL, and in men’s sizes small through XXXL. The shirt will sell for $25.00 and is available for women here and for men here.

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13 thoughts on “Trek Girls Shirt

  1. Jadzia was clearly the hotter option.

    Perhaps a better question: Where’s Michelle and her over-inflated sense of sexism when you actually need it?

  2. Technically it looks like the women of Starfleet so the lack of Kira isn’t surprising. My memory is a little fuzzy on whether T’Pol was or ever became a member of Starfleet but I think she’s good.

  3. Neither Seven of Nine, nor T’Pol ever had commissions in Starfleet… and Kira did. At the very end of DS9 she’s not just wearing the uniform, she has been given a field commission… something neither of the other two actually has.

    You folks can be pissed about it all you want, Kira’s not represented and Jadzia is because she’s hotter. Deal with it.

  4. T’Pol did receive a commission in Earth’s Starfleet. Archer even said he could get her out of “basic training”. By “Borderland”, she held the rank of Commander.

  5. Umm I’m not pissed I was just giving reasoning beyond “which is hotter”.

    Seven of Nine had parents that were Starfleet scientist right? Via the Borg she absorbed everything she ever needed to know to be a Starfleet officer so either Janeway made her an official member or it was done later cause in future comics/novels Seven of Nine is most certainly a Starfleet officer.

    As to who is the CLOSEST to being an official Starfleet officer between T’Pol and Kira…..well I still give it to T’Pol for playing an important role in actually forming Starfleet. Plus Kira as a character was no huge fan of Starfleet and had no great desire to be anything more than a representative of Bajor.

  6. Really? I thought that had been debunked a long time ago. There is no on-screen evidence of that. So you’re saying that the Intrepid, the ship manned entirely by Vulcans in “the Immunity Syndrome”, that every one of them came AFTER Spock? Highly unlikely.
    BTW its kinda nitpicky to say that Earth’s Starfleet is that much different than the Starfleet of UFP. You think T’Pol resigned her commission the day that the UFP Charter was signed?

  7. I wasn’t actually meaning you with the pissed thing, sorry for the confusion there.

    Seven’s parents were civilians, not part of Starfleet. Secondly, within the series Janeway never gives her a commission, and within the series is the only thing I really care about. Certainly she had the ability to be a member of Starfleet, and I presume she eventually would… but within the series, she was not.

    As for Kira and T’Pol, as I said, Kira actually was given a commission in the Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets. T’Pol is not. So, it isn’t a matter of closeness, one is and one isn’t.

  8. Didn’t they make it clear she was leaving after the charter was signed when the ship was decommissioned?

    As to T’Pol being in Starfleet… just because the name is the same, the function was entirely different. Do you think the Vulcan’s perceived Starfleet as the same as their Central Command? Or the Andorians? Starfleet, prior to the Federation, was an Earth only organization. To suggest nothing really changed when it became the protective force for nearly an entire quadrant? Yeah… it’s a significant change.

    But, we can debate whether T’Pol was in Starfleet or not… Why wasn’t Hoshi the one in the image?

    I’m not saying it’s better to choose the hotter woman, I’m just saying that they did.

  9. Sorry to come in on this so late, Kang just got loose from the restraints. Whether or not Spock was the first Vulcan in Starfleet is debatable. Spock was in Starfleet for eighteen years before The Immunity Syndrome, leaving plenty of time for other Vulcans to give the Vulcan Science Academy the finger and follow Spock into Starfleet. (I find Spock’s rather slow rise through the ranks baffling given his sheer ability alone. Oh well; perhaps he’d been a Commander for years before Kirk took command. Riker sat and spun for years himself. But I digress.)
    So it’s ambiguous, and could go either way. (I also have a hard time accepting Enterprise as canon. Maybe it’s the parent “alternate reality” that JJPrise branches off from.)

    As for Starfleet. It bothers me that Starfleet Headquarters is on Earth. And waitaminnit; in ST5 (which is shaky canon even according to Roddenberry) the Federation president has a window on what sure looks like the San Francisco skyline. Not to mention every time the Borg attack they head straight for Earth, as though it’s the most important planet in the Federation and fuck all the others.
    So given that, it doesn’t look like Starfleet changes a damn bit at the birth of the Federation. I can’t help but wonder if single-species ships like the Intrepid represent some creepy “separate but equal” Bem Crow policy.
    Anyhow, fuck conventional wisdom. Use your brain for something other than a doorstop. Vulcans don’t bone -only- once every seven years; Romulans had warp drive before Balance of Terror; Saavik doesn’t fuck Spock in STIII, TAS isn’t as bad as you thought; and Spock doesn’t have to be the first Vulcan in Starfleet or the first Vulcan-Human hybrid, though he still could be either or both.
    Woof, this wasn’t supposed to be a rant. No matter. Kang has to go anyway; it looks like someone finally noticed that neither Kang nor the tranquilizer gun were where they were supposed to be.

  10. We see the President in STV? We do in IV & VI, but I don’t think we do in V… and in IV the reason he’s in San Fran is the meeting of the Council in order to deal with Kamarag and then the probe… and in VI, he’s in his own office, but that’s in Paris… Still counts for your Earth-centric rant, but I’m just wondering if I missed a part of V and didn’t realize what I was seeing.

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