June 15 2024


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Star Trek: The Next Generation Art Prints

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Generation Gallery is again offering Star Trek-themed art, this time a set of three prints featuring characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The characters in this limited-edition set include Picard, Data, and Worf.

The prints are produced on 300gsm textured fine art paper and are hand-numbered and limited to nine-hundred-and-ninety-five sets.

Each print measures 16.5″ by 11.7″, and each print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Available now, the set of three prints will cost £30.00 in the UK (with free shipping to UK purchasers) and $40 US. To order, head to the link located here.

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7 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Next Generation Art Prints

  1. Yea, whoever did the photo editing got a little carried away with the orange tint on Worf’s print haha.

  2. Did you click on the images themselves? It looks like the characters were cut out by a 3 year old… look at the jagged line along their legs…. This was a magic wand highlight and delete of a white background, upon which the character was then slapped into this arrowhead design… but the artist didn’t even bother to smooth his cuts. Amateurish, to be perfectly honest, in the extreme…

  3. Gah. Is this how low Trek merch has sunk? Why not poop in the shape of a Starfleet delta and bake it?

  4. Yeah, I was bothered by the lack of detail with the color, but then I actually looked at them up close and was just stunned by how bad they are. The only thing that I find more shocking than these items is that, quite obviously, getting CBS to sign off on a license isn’t all that hard at this point… one would think more actual good stuff would be out there along with this crap… I mean, if it’s that easy to get the license, why aren’t people that want to produce quality stuff and can do it, doing it? Certainly there’s some good stuff out there, but I’d contend there’s nothing as good as this is bad right now, and that’s a shame.

  5. I don’t think that’s even Patrick Stewart’s body. The chest and shoulders just seem to broad and his head looks a touch too small in comparison. I think it may be Frakes body. It doesn’t seem like a natural pose for Stewart.

  6. These aren’t the bodies of any of the actors. The bodies appear to be CG 3D models onto which the actors’ heads were pasted, rather unconvincingly.

    And whoever slapped the result against the background needs to be shown the “Feather” tool.

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