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The Art of Juan Ortiz Star Trek Book Review

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The Story:

The Art of Juan Ortiz Star Trek is the story of how Juan Ortiz came to create posters for each episode of the original series, including The Cage.

The book begins with a biography of Ortiz, leading up to his decision to make the posters. The majority of the book features each of the eighty posters. The last part of the book features an index with an entry for each episode, which contains: a thumbnail-sized photo of the poster, a description of the episode, a quote from the episode, and a comment from Ortiz on the poster from that episode.

The Review:

For those who have enjoyed Ortiz’s original series posters, this is a splendid way to have the entire set without breaking the bank or running out of wall space on which to display the posters.

The introduction to Ortiz satisfies one’s curiosity about the man behind the art, and readers find out why Ortiz decided to create a Star Trek poster, and why he then continued on to do forty before contacting CBS about licensing the posters.

The coffee table book is roughly 15″ long and 11″ wide, and the large size enables the reader to see the details of each poster in all its glory.

The posters vary in content. Some incorporate actual pictures from an episode or actor photos. Each poster includes at the very least, the names of both the episode writer and director.

While the handy index helps to jog one’s memory about each episode, the best part is Ortiz’s brief comments on each poster; which gives one insight into how he chose the art for each one.

This book is definitely worth the purchase for those who love the original series. It was fun to read Ortiz’s comments on each poster and the book takes up a lot less wall space than eighty posters would!

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The Book:

The Art of Juan Ortiz Star Trek can be purchased here for $25.92. A limited-edition version of the book, limited to five hundred copies, and including an original print signed by the artist, and a signed and numbered tip-in sheet, is available here for $50.00.

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