June 15 2024


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Star Trek Online: Season Eight

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Star Trek Online: Season Eight: The Sphere is set to debut tomorrow.

In The Sphere, players will explore a Dyson Sphere, and will encounter the Voth species.


Following on from the Sphere of Influence episode, a newly revealed Iconian gate in the Romulan Republic space has caused concern in the Federation, who want to destroy the gate. However, the Romulans, backed by the Klingon Empire, see the gate as an opportunity.

The Federation changes its mind when an Omega particle is detected through the gate, which now must remain open. Everyone in the Alpha and Beta quadrants must now work together to protect the galaxy.

Inside the gate is a Dyson Sphere, and the Voth, a technologically advanced species from the Delta Quadrant, have moved into the sphere and they have their own ideas about what to do with the Omega particle.

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