April 12 2024


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New Star Trek: Renegades Teaser

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The second teaser for Star Trek: Renegades has been released.

Directed by Tim Russ, Star Trek: Renegades is the continuing story of Star Trek, set ten years after the return of the USS Voyager.

Several Star Trek actors are appearing in Star Trek: Renegades, including: Russ, Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Gary Graham, Manu Intiraymi, and Richard Herd.

Star Trek: Renegades is in post-production with a planned summer/fall 2014 release date.

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52 thoughts on “New Star Trek: Renegades Teaser

  1. I totally agree with your opinion about why we all have that special connection with the Star Trek franchise. As badass as it looks, I was totally skeptical about Renegades when I stumbled upon it. However, I watched an interview where Tim Russ explains why they’re taking this Pilot in a different direction and he makes an excellent point. He said that if we want canonical Star Trek to continue in the form of an episodic series at all, it needs to move forward and try some new thematic approaches and I agree. Rick Berman is done with Star Trek entirely and has said that he wants someone else to carry the torch onward. Other than Roddenberry himself, Berman was the authority on what is and isn’t part of the canon. Tim Russ and the rest are trying to carry that torch and it would be frankly preposterous to expect them to remain in a creative box just to accommodate our expectations. That’s the opposite of what Star Trek represents. Roddenberry wrote BOLDLY what no one had written before! Either this pilot will be a total flop or it will reach out and touch an entire new generation of trekkies with bold writing that explores philosophical and ethical areas that are relevant to the world today. I believe they can write darker material AND leave the heart and soul of Star Trek intact. The ball is in their court.

  2. Wow this looks horrible. Too little space and too much drama. Star Trek Voyager destroyed the Star Trek franchise with idiotic characters and story lines and this seems to follow in that tradition.

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