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Star Trek Phase II: Kitumba Debuts

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For fans of the Star Trek Phase II fan film project, the latest episode, Kitumba, has just been released.

Star Trek Phase II is the continuing voyages of Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise, taking place in the fourth and fifth seasons of the original series.

Kitumba, was originally meant as a two-part story for the proposed Star Trek: Phase II television series back in 1977.  Now a single episode, Kitumba features the Enterprise on a “suicide mission to the heart of the Klingon Empire.”

In Kitumba, viewers will see the Klingon homeworld and explore Klingon society, and the episode “bridge[s] the gap between the TOS Klingon Empire and Klingon Empire [seen] in the feature films.”

James Cawley reprises his role of Captain Kirk for the last time. Brian Gross will play the role in subsequent episodes.

Next up for the Star Trek Phase II will be The Holiest Thing, due out on Valentine’s Day, and Bread and Savagery. Mind-Sifter will come after that, with filming due to be complete on the episode in late June.

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37 thoughts on “Star Trek Phase II: Kitumba Debuts

  1. One of the many things that can be said about the popularity of Star Trek, as well as its longevity, is the series’ ability to address the social and
    political issues of the times that we live in.

    Through the creative tracking of science fiction writing, Star Trek has been able to make various forms of social commentary on controversial situations. Situations ranging from hot-topics about war to overpopulation to environmental problems to other more immediate and domestic problems that continue to affect our planet and human society to this day.

    As the late Gene Roddenberry intended, Star Trek is a 23rd Century morality play/social allegory that holds a mirror up to us. One fully dictating what gets reflected back and describing the cultural and political issues of our world.

    The latest episode of the award-winning Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2 does an excellent job in upholding that tradition that began nearly fifty years past. One that delivers with dazzling results.

    Despite the behind-the-scenes production problems that were instigated illegally by Vic Mignogna, as well as his and Michele Specht’s unprofessional behavior and juvenille antics, ‘Kitumba’ shows brilliantly what Star Trek still does its most best at. If nothing else, this well
    written episode by both the late John Meredyth Lucas and Patty Wright depicts the brutal absurdity of war and the mishandling of political

    Two social and political issues equally handled with excellent, crystal clear as glass, and razor-sharp results.

    Like Star Trek VI-The Undiscovered Country, Kitumba gives Star Trek fans another glimpse into the Klingon Empire’s culture and government. One that clearly depicts the inner workings of the latter and what often happens within the corridors of power, itself. The mishandlings, if not misuse, of government power and the consequences(often ill-fated and fatal), there of.

    We are also given a brilliant fortaste as to what is yet to come, concerning the formation of the Klingon High Council. The seed of such an idea, for which, is formed in the mind of the Kitumba(a descendent of the great Klingon Warrior Kahless), himself. A character played brilliantly by newcomer Kario Pereira-Bailey.

    “Kitumba” depicts the U.S.S. Enterprise on a suicide mission to the heart of the Klingon Empire. Pulled in every direction by warlords and people that have their own agenda, the Kitumba suddenly finds himself confronting his very enemy: Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise. The choices he makes will resonate through the galaxy for years to come.

    Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are sent on a secret mission to the Klingon home world Qo’nos, much of which is still very shrouded in mystery to the Federation and Starfleet. With the help of a Klingon that is aiding the Federation, Starfleet Intelligence learns that a strong faction within the Klingon government is planning a war on a massive scale against the United Federation of Planets in strict violation of the Organian Peace Treaty. The leader of this growing faction is bold because it appears the Organians are no longer monitoring the activity between the Federation and the Empire. It becomes the job of Kirk and crew to thwart this attempt at war which would ultimately mean the destruction of both sides. Kirk finds himself walking on the razor-sharp edge of Klingon tradition, duty, and their perception of honor.

    The extended-length episode not only explored Klingon society and showed us the home planet, but it bridged the gap between the TOS Klingon Empire and the Klingon Empire we would later see in the first six feature films.

    As with the previous exciting episodes, James Cawley, Brandon Stacy, John Kelley, Charles Root, Jr, Jonathan Zungre, Patrick Cawley, Paul R. Sieber, Bobby Quinn Rice, Wayne W. Johnson, Ron Boyd, and to some degree Kim Stinger, do an excellent job in playing the main characters that many fans of the original series have come to know and admire for almost a half a century.

    It is a shame that Stinger has been seduced by the ‘evil side of Star Trek fandom’ by becoming a part of Vic Mignogna’s twisted, spiteful, and petty rip-off known as Star Trek Continues. Her true talents are really put to very productive use in this awesome Phase 2 episode. It is both sad and un-nerving that they will now be wasted in Mignogna’s toxic waste disposal-like, rip-off of a production.

    On the subject of Mignogna, both his performance, as well as that of his fiance Michele Specht, clearly indicate that these two mentalities of such
    extreme toxic dementia, were just playing themselves. Their characters’ personalities are nothing more than just their deceitful, petty, spiteful,
    vindictive, demented, perverted, unprincipled, poisoned, and toxic natures buried under so much make-up prosthetics. Thankfully, the 23rd Century Klingon ‘Bonnie and Clyde-like’ characters that they so-call ‘play’(which happen to be members of the dishonorable and ill-fated Duras family)are killed off near the end, thus ridding and cleansing the universe of their deceitful presence, forever.

    There are definately some wonderful and exciting moments in this latest P2 adventure. Plus a few well-written in-joke references to past and future Star Trek events. Kirk mentioning about how he hijacked a corvette and McCoy claiming that he won’t live to see the Klingon Empire in a century were both very brilliant and delightful.

    Especially the unique plot twist involving both the Kitumba and the teacher(played wonderfully by Pony Horton)in the Enterprise briefing room. That scene was a huge surprise and a very brilliantly executed one at that. Such plot twists have been rare in Star Trek. This one particular plot twist clearly depicts the complexities of politics and the Machavellian webs of deceit that often go hand in hand with such power plays. Let alone the power players who impliment and execute such agendas. Kudos and compliments to Patty Wright for adding those extra layers into the original script.

    The special cameo appearances by Gil Gerard(of the Seventies version of Buck Rogers), Andrew Probert(who worked on the ST-TMP production), and Kenneth Thomson(Captain Raymond Martin of Starship Saladin)were also well acted and delievered brilliantly. The references to Epsilon 9 and the Organians preminition of the Federation and the Klingons working together added another multi-dimensional layer to the classic script written in the Seventies(i.e. when Star Trek nearly came back as a series, before becoming an epic motion picture).

    An extra special kudos should be awarded to Paul R. Sieber for Prescott’s one-liners in certain scenes. The briefing room scene involving Prescott, Peter Kirk, and Pavel Chekov discussing strategic countermeasures was played brilliantly and with some good humor. Even when Prescott is disguised as a Klingon, he delievers some excellent one-liners while searching for Kirk and the landing party.

    Even the references to Earth’s world history(feudal Japan and England when it was a Roman Colony)and its comparisons to the culture and social-political structure of the Klingons was also ingenius.

    While it is sad that this will be James Cawley’s final appearance as the heroic Captain James T. Kirk(James will be continuing as P2′s Senior Executive Producer)Star Trek– New Voyages/Phase II delivers another exciting and bold new adventure in ‘Kitumba’.

    One that clearly and brilliantly points out that with each new episode, Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II is still THE BEST and ONLY THE BEST in Star Trek fan films.

    Once again, my congratulations to James, the P2 cast, and the P2 production crew for delivering another spectacular and thrilling ST-NV/P2 episode.

    I look forward to the next upcoming episode on Valentine’s Day and many more in the near future.

  2. Looks interesting. I’ll definitely be checking it out. But do we really need the sniping commentary of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of a couple of cast members? The production should stand on its own merit without needlessly rehashing internal propaganda.

  3. I am not the kind of person who will speak ill of other folks or productions, no matter the situation surrounding it, but I WILL speak up when my professionalism and character are unjustifiably labled “unprofessional” and ‘juvenile”. I hope the above post form ‘Blue Thunder’ was written by someone who simply enjoys perpetuating drama for the sake of drama, because if it was posted by someone who was actually present for the Kitumba shoot 5 years ago, or a member of that production’s core staff – then they are consciously posting libel they know to be false. Both during the shoot of Kitumba, and the very few exchanges with core production folks I have had since, were handled professionaly and courteously. I would appreciate it if you would withold from posting things you have no experience with, nor any firsthand knowledge. I will continue to act professionally, and request you do as well.

  4. Blue thunder is not an insider, but he has “had his ear to the rail”, so to speak. I’m saddened, Michelle that he insists on dragging you into any trouble Vic may have caused,, as from all that I hear, YOU are a lovely, personable and talented individual who doesn’t deserve to be smeared like this.

  5. The information about this can be found at the following links. Various others have spoken about the unpleasant experiences they endured because of Vic and the unpleasantness that followed immediately thereafter.

    As I have said before, I don’t know where Vic Mignogna and such people get off on hurting others, just to satisfy their own selfish gains. But in all honesty, it is NOT COOL. Vic’s past behavior, clearly indicates that he is not good at anything acting/directing/and writing wise at all. All he has ever been good at is trying to take over other fans film projects and pushing the original creators out of the limelight, just to satisfy his own selfish ends. Hence why he is known as ‘The Doomsday Machine/Black Hole’ of fan films.

    Here are what others have to say about him and his business partners at Farragut Films.


    (from 29 on down)




    (599 to the end)


    What was revealed was quite shocking and quite revolting.

  6. I am selecting Michele’s post to respond to for two particular issues I want to address. But largely, this post is directed at Blue Thunder.

    BT, as I said before, I am glad you have enjoyed the episode, but we on the Star Trek Phase II production are not about all of the drama or name calling. *If* we had or have grievances with anyone who worked on Kitumba, we’ll deal with them – privately. If you want to show your support of our production, you can do so by showing such support without creating more drama. You aren’t helping us by attacking them. And you have no basis or right to attack them.

    And Michele, I can assure you, this person is definitely not a part of our production, because, as any of our crew can assure you, if they were, I’d be crossing them off our crew list the moment I found out – if James didn’t beat me to it.

  7. Amen. Unlike Data, I’m not really keen on all this petty bickering. As a Star Trek fan, I look forward to seeing more from the Phase II, Continues, and Renegades crews. Thank you, T’Bonz, for keeping us updated on these fan film projects.

  8. This may come as a surprise to you, but, no I do not enjoy perpetuating drama for the sake of drama or anything else. And no, I was not on the Kitumba shoot 5 years past. I am not a member of that production’s core staff, either.

    However, I am someone who is a strong supporter of James Cawley’s work on P2(as my review and promotional photoshop
    art clearly dictates). I am also someone who does NOT think very highly of the toxic behavior and other harmful acts that has been caused by Vic over the years. Be they at conventions and fan film productions. The former dealing with MAJOR controversial issues. The latter being when it comes to attempted power plays, formenting acts of insurrection, planting those in such organizations to obtain information and analysis thereof, withholding of property that does not belong them, releasing of said property without permission of the owners of that said property, and staging coups in their demented, egotistical lust for control over something that does not belong to them.

    Conciously posting libel they know to be false? From some of the people that I have talked with and unfortunately endured Vic’s toxic narcicissm, that’s calling the kettle black. Vic and some of the core Farragut Films staff, from what I have heard from various people, have pulled that type of nonsense before. Even going so far as to unjustifiably labling certain individuals as ‘the Anti-Christ and Cancer of Star Trek’. Or something worse. And the very few exchanges that Vic has had with some people on certain productions were certainly, let alone definately NOT handled in a professional and courteous manner. Quite frankly, from the information revealed, they were the exact OPPOSITE of professional courtesy. Let alone the exact opposite of acting professionally.

    I believe many in both the Anime and Star Trek fan film communities would appreciate it if Vic would refrain from acting in such a confusing, atypical, inexplicable, inept, fatous, inane, and illogical(no pun intended)manner. I, and many others, would appreciate it.

    As far as witholding from posting information that I have no experience with, or any firsthand knowledge, thereof, I would like to point out the 1st Amendment – the freedom of speech. While it is true that I have secondhand knowledge of the issues in question,(or thirdhand, depending on the certain points of view of others)I have had experience in matters such as this. Especially concerning those who fall under the category of ‘guilty by association’.

    And yes, I have made quite a few enemies in the process. As did Edward R. Murrow, Robert Woodward, and Carl Bernstein in their line of work concerning historical events.

  9. Did you just compare your rants based on third-hand accounts of Star Trek fan film drama to the journalism of Edward R. Murrow?

  10. She’s not the government, dingaling. Your “freedom of speech” complaint has no place here. And it’s been previously established in other article comment sections that you are a compensated shill who posts slams on a particular actor and production company on any and all articles, whether it has anything to do with the article topic or not.

  11. I would not put much stock into those accusations. They hold no water and no truth, whatsoever. Whoever claimed that I was a ‘compensated shill’ is obviously full of a certain form bodily waste.

    No place here, huh? Well, if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to read it.

    Dingaling, huh? LOL! Well, that’s a first…

  12. The First Amendment is irrelevant to this discussion, as it applies only to the U.S. government infringing upon your civil rights. Someone telling you to shut up on a message board has no bearing at all on the First Amendment. People like to throw around the First Amendment, but few know what it actually means. Apparently, you’re one who does not.

    And you are being a complete drama queen. Grow up and move on.

  13. Vic is a dick. Many people know this. He’s also an extremely untalented hack actor. But you are taking this WAY too seriously. Get a hobby.

  14. Well said, sir. Well said about Vic and his true colors. The man has no career, whatsoever.
    Actually, I already have a hobby. The P2 promotional art that I create in photoshop.

  15. How silly of me. Allow me to rephrase for maximum accuracy: did you just compare your rants based on SECOND HAND accounts of Star Trek fan film drama to the journalism of Edward R. Murrow?

    The point is, it’s hilariously self-important and bizarre.

  16. I wasn’t going to say anything, but for some reason I actually read those links and after I was done, felt the need to share my two cents. I think we have a lot of egos on both sides here that are acting like little children and if they don’t cut it out soon, they may end up ruining fan films for everyone.

    My gosh, this is STAR TREK for crying out loud! You know, the show that includes a central theme about people from different walks of life with different views putting all of that aside to work together for the common good? Let’s all dump the drama out the nearest air lock and move on. Captain Kirk would be ashamed! So would Archer, Picard, Sisco and Janeway for that matter!

  17. The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.

    You were saying something about my having no knowledge of the 1st Amendment?

  18. Exactly! Unfortunately it seems like the most vocal “fans” are usually the most negative ones. We should all just enjoy Star Trek in it’s many forms and appreciate it for what it is.

  19. Believe me, I’ve tried telling that to many fans of Star Trek when infighting erupts. Sometimes fans have gotten the message, and other times they have not. One would think that those who share a common interest would at least be civil and work for that common good.

    Unfortunately, when dealing with the likes of Vic Mignogna, the Farragut Films crew, Dennis Bailey, and a few others who seem to enjoy thriving on conflict and dishing out rudeness and disrespect – that common good gets tossed out of the window. Especially when their opposing points of view on minor subjects gets out of hand. Remember when Khan’s fellow superman started fighting amongst themselves? Let alone the infamous and useless fueds in fandom concerning Star Trek vs. Space:1999? Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica? Star Trek vs. Star Wars?

    That leads to a chain of events that start with rudeness, followed by retaliation, and then full scale war(infighting and other uncivilized acts). And in the end, it leads to the demise of that common interest.

    As the Vulcans would say, “A most useless and illogical experiment.”

  20. Actually, Robert, I had a basis and a right to attack Vic. As far as Michele is concerned, it’s like what I said earlier. Guilty By Association, among other things.

    Whether it was directly, indirectly, or by an act of proxy on his part, Vic pulled some toxic BS that hurt some friends of mine, set back a project of theirs, and almost ruined a project that I had been working on(thankfully James and Patty convinced me to see the project through and finish it – encouragement and convincing for which I will ALWAYS be very thankful and grateful to them).

    I should also add that Vic almost had me swayed in by his sick, twisted, and demented charisma. Thankfully, I saw the warning signs and the red flags raised. And don’t even get me started on the controversy concerning his banishment from conventions(a banishment he MAJORLY deserved).

    Aside from not suffering fools gladly, I have zero tolerance for lying and being lied to(whether it is by proxy or not).

    Vic has made HUGE mistakes in hurting other people, just to satisfy his own personal, twisted, and demented agenda. He can’t keep walking all over people, playing God, and trying to take over projects that does not involve and concern him in any way shape or form.

    To quote an old saying: You step on the wrong persons toes, you wind up finding those same toes connected to your rear end.

    To quote a certain Vulcan, such actions initiate chains of unpleasant events.

  21. I find it odd that this person who lambasting the negativity and backbiting in fandom is the very person who introduced negativity into this thread to begin with.

  22. Think of it like this. In a way, it was the making of a point about the futility of the negativity and backbiting, but also pointing out one of the people who is the cause of such distasteful foolishness!

    And that person is Vic Mignogna. And to some extent his business partners at Farragut Films are also to blame.

  23. Then focus on what you think he did to you, instead of what you think he did to us.

  24. Robert, part of that focus is what he has done to others as well. I don’t tackle things blindly. I look at the whole picture and gather all of the facts first. And I have spoken to some P2 personnel who have told me what Vic pulled on the P2 production. And their information was definately the same.

  25. I am not sure why part of that focus is what you believe he did to us. Personally, AND AS A PRODUCER, I’d like to see this drop. Instead, I see you posting such things over and over again on multiple websites.

  26. As I said before, Robert, the more information that is gleaned, the more you know about what you are dealing with(think of Spock’s interrogation of Khan while Kirk searched for signs of weakness – or to some extent what Will Graham did in Manhunter).

    As far as recent posts are concerned, I would drop the matter, too. Unfortunately, a majority of those posts have been in response to others about what I have had to say about Vic and his BS antics. I’m not going to leave some posts unanswered. As you recall, Alec Peters is also responsible(and justifiably so)for spilling the beans about Vic’s douchebaggery back in 2011. Not all of this is of my own doing and not many have a problem with the answers provided.

    Once the word gets out, it sets events in motion that take a life of their own.

  27. It depends on how you look at it.

    But just to satisfy your curiosity, the references(parallels)to Murrow, Bernstein,and Woodward involving them exposing former Senator Joseph McCarthy and former President Richard Nixon for the dishonest shits that they really are(or in those two crooks case – were), are no different than having Vic revealed to be what he really is: a dishonest toxic liar, thief, and God knows what else!

  28. I can ensure you he’s not a compensated anything. Publicly and privately, I have asked him to stop.

  29. I appreciate that you are trying to clear that mis-conception up, Robert. Maybe you will have better luck in that issue than I have.

  30. I didn’t say I didn’t like it; I said it had no place here, because
    limiting of your speech here is not done by the government and thus is
    not covered by the First Amendment (which you clearly still do not
    understand). Also, how would I know if I liked something without reading
    it first? That’s a silly suggestion.

    No one likes you or anything you have to say, not even the people you claim to be defending. Your autistic rants about people you’ve never met or worked with are a waste of everyone’s time, including your own.

  31. This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m not concerned about the opinions that others have of me and I don’t waste my time worrying or thinking about that issue that I have no control over. There are some who concur with what I have posted an opinion about and there are those that have not.

    Part of voicing or posting an opinion often leads to allies or enemies. There is no middle ground. That has been going on for hundreds of years. It is the way it is, and it won’t change anytime soon. Let alone stop others from voicing opinions in general.

    Also, I would recommend watching the use of the phrase ‘autistic rants’. That type of sterotypical branding just only reflects someone’s true prejudicial colors.

  32. I’m not concerned about receiving downvotes or other negative votes concerning my opinion posts. It is what it is. Some concur with them, others don’t.

    As Montgomery Scott quoted in ‘The Trouble With Tribbles’, “Everybody is entitled to an opinion.”

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