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Takei: Peace, Shatner!

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If George Takei had his way, the ongoing feud between the actor and William Shatner would be ended now.

The two have been fussing for years, but Takei believes that for Shatner, it’s just a game.

“Bill, fess up,” said Takei. “This is all an act. He complained about not getting invited to [my] wedding. Everyone knows we did send an invitation. Why have this tension?”

Takei’s latest project, To Be Takei, a documentary about Takei’s life, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week. And feud or no feud, Shatner was in To Be Takei, if only for ten minutes.

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19 thoughts on “Takei: Peace, Shatner!

  1. I’ve decide that Takei is the reason for his feud crap. It seems to me that somewhere around the time he “came out of the closet,” Takei won’t shut up about William Shatner! It’s starting to get annoying, I don’t hear Bill mention it much, and normally only after Takei makes a big deal out of it.

  2. If Takei was really serious about the feud, he would have long ago publicly talked at length about Shatner’s “hair”. A slight remark here and there does not count. After all, evey actor on TOS was privy to the lace hairpice being applied to Shatner’s dome.

  3. This may not be popular, but IMO, both this feud and his “coming out,” were a publicity stunt. From what I read, his sexual orientation was pretty well known between his friends and coworkers (heck, I met George and Brad at a convention a few years prior and the signs were obvious!), this was just his way of getting in the eye of the media. Both of these “publicity stunts” worked very well for him, and he is very active in the media and has gone “viral” on both twitter and facebook.

  4. Takei is keeping it going, not Shatner. I rarely ever hear Shatner reference it–but Takei mentions it every chance he gets. Sure, Shatner’s an egotistical dick, but I doubt he even gives Takei more than two brief thoughts each year.

  5. I knew Takei was gay 20 years before he came out–pretty much everyone who worked on the convention circuit did, as he was never secretive about it.

  6. I’ve always felt Takei was just looking for attention. The thing he did at Howard Stern’s bachelor party kind of shown he’s got an attention problem.

  7. I don’t blame George for how he feels about Shatner. Having met Shatner, myself, and witnessed his egotistical behavior, I’m not that fond of Billy-boy, either!

  8. Bill Shatner is commonly held to be an egomaniac, but I’ve always felt that he’s got nothing on George Takei in that department. Shatner’s the one who’s been making public overtures of peace to the Gang of Four for 20 YEARS now, only to be just as publicly rebuffed by them. If I had a nickel for every pissy potshot I’ve seen the supporting cast take at Shatner over the years, I’d be rich. If you REALLY want the feud to end, George, then END it already.

  9. Ever make a comment touching on a theme of someone being gay without go having it to negative?

    The second I started reading the comment before I even paid attention to the name attached, I knew it would be you.

  10. Interesting. I met him about twenty years ago but in a different setting, he was speaking at a university. Never even blipped. I guess the environment was the difference.
    You know, it speaks well of the fandom that he felt comfortable enough to be open about it.

  11. Why does Takei insist he wants dignity for gay people….but then he goes on Howard Stern and plays up every gay stereotype imaginable?!?

  12. By that token, you should follow you own advice and end the pointless sniping about the new movies, then.

  13. The more I see videos or interviews of Takei, the more I really don’t like the guy. He seems REALLY stuck on himself. The way I see it, Shatner thinks “the feud” is all a joke because it quite frankly is. Takei has been acting like a child for far too long and Shatner should keep on making a joke of it since that’s exactly what it, and Takei, is.

  14. I have no problem with Takei being gay…but milo is right. Takei’s whiney/bitchy attitude seemed to start when he came out of the closet. Frankly, he became an attention whore around then and it’s never stopped. I guess the dude just wants to have his time in the lime light. The problem is he’s just making himself into a joke.

  15. Both are disillusioned guys in the their old man camp pissing in the wind proclaiming I can piss farther then you = lame!

  16. We saw William Shatner in in one-man show, “Shatners World” in New Bedford this past week. It was an EXCEPTIONAL show, he was very charming and endearing, but he started the show with the Comedy Central roast intro by George Takei where Shatner entered the event on horseback. I really got the impression that Takei was the one keeping all this vitriol alive.

    I love them all; and now along with Bill Shatner, met Gene Roddenberry and James Doohan.

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