May 20 2024


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Russ Joins Star Trek Online

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Star Trek: Voyager’s Tim Russ will be reprising his Tuvok role in a Star Trek Online feature episode.

Russ is not the first Trek actor to take on a role in the roleplaying game; recently Michael Dorn appeared in the Sphere of Influence feature episode, and both Leonard Nimoy and Denise Crosby have also done voice work for the game.

Tuvok will now be Admiral Tuvok in the A Step Between Stars feature episode, which “advance[s] the story players started” in Sphere of Influence.

According to Russ, it’s easier to act in person than to do voice work. “Voice work is more difficult,” he said, “because with a camera, the camera picks up your expressions, and so when you act in front of the camera, the camera gets all that information in addition to what you’re saying. And in some cases, you don’t have to say anything at all because it’s a picture business. But when you start doing voiceover work, there is definitely a difference, and it’s an awakening when you get in there. You realize that your nuances have to be played in your voice. The attitudes, the emotions all have to come from your voice. You have only that to convey that. So you’re at fifty percent at what you’d normally be using. So you have to really concentrate on how you speak in a voiceover performance. You have to concentrate on what you’re saying and how you say it.”

A Step Between Stars should be released later this month.

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